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PKL 11: Top Raiding Duos to Watch Out for in Pro Kabaddi Season 11

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is famous for its electrifying raids, and these raids are often spearheaded by powerful duos. Here's a look at the top 5 raiding pairs from PKL Season 10 who are likely to continue their dominance in the upcoming PKL Season 11.

1. Aslam Inamdar & Mohit Goyat (Puneri Paltan)

Aslam Inamdar and Mohit Goyat have been the pillars of Puneri Paltan's raiding attack for some time now. This well-established duo displayed remarkable consistency in PKL Season 10, contributing significantly on both the offensive and defensive fronts. Aslam, the captain, led from the front with 142 raid points and played a crucial role in his team's ultimate victory. Mohit wasn't far behind, scoring 122 raid points. Together, they produced a combined total of 264 raid points, proving instrumental in Puneri Paltan's championship run in PKL Season 10.

2. Maninder Singh & Nitin Kumar (Bengal Warriors)

Maninder Singh is a PKL veteran, consistently ranking among the league's top raiders. In Season 10, he amassed a whopping 197 raid points, finishing fourth overall. Nitin Kumar, his partner-in-crime, debuted that season and displayed impressive maturity, bagging 169 raid points. Together, they formed a juggernaut, scoring a combined 366 raid points – the highest of any duo in PKL Season 10. Their ability to complement each other's strengths makes them a force to be reckoned with.

3. Sachin & Manjeet (Patna Pirates)

Sachin and Manjeet brought a wealth of experience to the Patna Pirates' raiding attack in Season 10. Sachin, the lead raider, led by example with 171 raid points and exceptional leadership throughout the season. He even finished third in the league for most do-or-die raid points (38). Manjeet provided valuable support, scoring 115 raid points. Their ability to understand each other's strengths on the mat resulted in a combined total of 286 raid points, which played a key role in Patna Pirates reaching the Season 10 semi-finals.


4. Narender & Ajinkya Pawar (Tamil Thalaivas)

Narender emerged as the star raider for Tamil Thalaivas in Season 9, and he continued his stellar performance in Season 10 with 186 raid points (highest for Thalaivas). Partnering him was the experienced Ajinkya Pawar, who supported him brilliantly with 124 raid points. This dynamic duo displayed incredible chemistry on the mat, combining for a total of 310 raid points. With their understanding and diverse raiding styles, they pose a serious threat to any defense.

5. Guman Singh & Amirmohammad Zafardanesh (U Mumba)

Guman Singh has been U Mumba's star raider for the past two seasons. In Season 10, he raised the bar even higher, scoring 163 raid points and finishing among the top 10 raiders. U Mumba brought in Iranian powerhouse Amirmohammad Zafardanesh, who lived up to the hype by scoring 141 raid points in his debut PKL season. Together, they formed a potent offensive duo, amassing a combined total of 304 raid points. Their aggressive raiding style makes them a nightmare for opposing teams.

These top raiding duos are sure to bring excitement and strategic depth to PKL Season 11. With their experience, skills, and understanding, they'll be teams to watch out for as they battle it out for kabaddi glory.