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PKL 11: All-Rounder to Watch in Pro Kabaddi Season 11

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is known for its intense action. But one key factor separates the successful teams from the rest: quality all-rounders. These special players can dominate on both sides of the mat, contributing to raids (attacks) and tackles (defenses). With PKL Season 11 just around the corner, let's take a look at some of the top all-rounders who shone in Season 10 and are poised to shine again in the upcoming season.

Pawan Sehrawat

Pawan Sehrawat of the Telugu Titans is a famous name in the PKL, famous for his high-flying, acrobatic raiding skills. However, what many fans might not know is that Sehrawat possesses a surprising defensive skills as well. Throughout his career, he has accumulated 65 tackle points, showcasing his ability to contribute on both ends of the mat.

Last season, he truly emerged as a top all-rounder, amassing a total of 217 points - 202 raid points and a commendable 15 tackle points. This impressive tally included a Super Tackle, a High 5, 13 Super 10s, and five Super Raids. Sehrawat's well-rounded skillset makes him a valuable asset to any team and a player to watch closely in PKL 11.

Aslam Inamdar

Aslam Inamdar, the captain of the Puneri Paltan who led them to their maiden PKL title in Season 10, showcased true all-round excellence. He doesn't just lead his team vocally; he leads by example with his phenomenal skills on both offense and defense.

Inamdar finished Season 10 as the leading scorer for his team with a total of 168 points - 142 raid points and a commendable 26 tackle points. His well-rounded performance included two Super Raids, three Super 10s, two Super Tackles, and a High 5, all crucial contributions to Puneri Paltan's championship run. 

Mohit Goyat

Another player from the Puneri Paltan camp who deserves to be on the list is Mohit Goyat. He seamlessly transitioned between raiding and tackling throughout Season 10, accumulating a total of 151 points. While he impressed with his raiding prowess, scoring the second-highest number of raid points (122) for his team, Goyat's defensive abilities surprised many.

Mohit Goyat registered 29 tackle points with a solid tackle success rate of 57%, showcasing his ability to hold his own on the defensive end. Goyat's contributions also included four Super Tackles, further solidifying his place as a key player in Puneri Paltan's championship run. His ability to excel on both sides of the mat makes him a valuable all-rounder to watch in PKL 11.


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Mohammadreza Chiyaneh

Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, the Iranian all-rounder from the Puneri Paltan, has always been known for his defensive dominance. However, Season 10 saw him unveil some surprising raiding skills as well.

Chiyaneh surprised many by registering a total of 126 points, including a staggering 99 tackle points (the most by any player in the league) and 27 raid points. His raiding success included a couple of Super Raids and some clever pursuit raids that outsmarted the opposition raider. Furthermore, Chiyaneh's defensive mastery continued to shine with a 59% tackle success rate, two Super Tackles, and a whopping 11 High 5s. 

While these four players stand out for their exceptional all-round abilities, PKL 11 promises to be a thrilling season filled with talented raiders and defenders. Teams with a strong balance of specialists and all-rounders will be the ones to watch out for.