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How to participate in Kabaddi at Khelo India Youth Games?

Get to know all information about participation in Kabaddi at Khelo India Youth Games. You will get full information on How to participate in Khelo India youth games – Kabaddi? Which states are qualified to participate? How to register under age category 17 & 21? When & where Khelo India trials are scheduled? How to participate in these trials? Who gets the Khelo India scholarship?

Khelo India initiative was started by the Government of India as a platform for the young athletes in India to showcase their talent. To promote sports among youngsters in remote areas in the country, Khelo India Games have been taking place since the year 2018. Starting with 16 disciplines at the 2018 Khelo India Games in Delhi, the year only saw the participation of only U-17 boys and girls athletes. However, the age group of U-21 was also added in the next edition of the games.

The recent edition of Khelo India Games in 2020 at Guwahati saw a total of 20 sports disciplines. Apart from this, facilities like flight tickets, accommodation in three-star hotels, and healthy food are being provided to the athletes during the tournament. This is being done to encourage the students to take part in sports and not see funds as a reason to be deprived of such facilities.

Kabaddi Adda spoke to Mr. Tejnaryana Madhav who was the Tournament Director (Kabaddi), Khelo India Youth Games 2020, Guwahati. Mr. Madhav shed light on how one can participate in Kabaddi event at the Khelo India Games and what is the required criteria to be a part of the games. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Mr. Tejnarayana Madhav
Mr. Tejnarayana Madhav

Which states are eligible to participate in the Kabaddi event at Khelo India Games? (Kabaddi event of Khelo India Youth Games sees the participation of eight teams in every category)

In the Under-21 category for both girls and boys, the top seven teams from the Junior National Kabaddi Championships are eligible to participate in the Kabaddi Event at Khelo India Youth Games. The eighth team is the host state team of Khelo India Games. If the host team is included in the top seven teams from the Junior National Kabaddi Championship, then the team finished eighth becomes eligible for Khelo India Games.

For the Under-17 category for girls and boys, the first four teams from the School Games Federation of India get a chance to participate in the Khelo India Games. Another top three teams from the Sub-Junior National Kabaddi Championships (Under-16 category) while the eighth team is the host state team.

Apart from these teams, no other sates/teams are eligible to be a part of the Khelo India Youth Games.

What are the age and weight limit for a player to take part in Khelo India Youth Games?

A Kabaddi player is eligible to participate in only one age category. Someone participating in the Under-17 age group cannot be a part of the Under-21 team for his/her state at Khelo India. If someone is found to be participating in both the teams, then that player could be banned to participate.

Weight Limit for Kabaddi Event:

Under-17 Boys: 56 kg

Under-17 Girls: 56 kg

Under-21 Boys: 75 kg

Under-21 Girls: 70 kg

If the state is not eligible to be a part of the Khelo India Youth Games, then a player cannot take part in the games as well.

How is the Kabaddi team selected for the state for Khelo India Youth Games?

Every state is authorized to bring a 12-member team from every category for Khelo Inia Youth Games. For the selection of these players, Sports Authority of India sends guidelines to every eligible state for the participation of players for the Kabaddi team in Khelo India Games. According to the guidelines, the state is required to make a three-member panel that comprises a member from the state sports department, another one from the state Kabaddi association while the third is from the SGFI. The three-member committee is required to hold an open trial and give a fair trial for all the Kabaddi enthusiasts.

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How is the coach for the team selected?

The states have been given guidelines on the selection of coaches as well. As per SAI, preference should be given to those who are NIS certified.

If I register on the SAI website, will I get to play for Khelo India Youth Games?

Registration on the SAI website does not guarantee you a place in the state team for Khelo India Games. The registration for the Games is only applicable for the players who have been selected from the open trial by the three-member committee.

Who gets the scholarships from Govt of India and for how many years?

Scholarships are given to the athletes with exceptional skills to develop their game further. Khelo India has formed a Talent Identification and Development Committee (TIDC) to identify the best athletes during the Khelo India Youth Games. The main job of this committee is to find the best talent during the games. These players would necessarily be not from the teams who have won the medal.

These players are then called for a camp at the Sports Authority of India where their fitness test, medical and other skills are tested. The final list of the players for the scholarship is then submitted to the authorities.

The selected players receive a package of Rs. 5 lakh by the Government of India for eight years for their Kabaddi practice.

How to volunteer for Khelo India Youth Games?

A person can register on the volunteer link on the SAI website if he/she wants to volunteer during the Khelo India Youth Games. The volunteers can be general as well as sports specific. The remuneration for both the categories are different, and the information for which will be available before the games.