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Haryana Steelers seal their third consecutive win against the Gujarat Fortunegiants!

Raiding sensation Vikas Kandola ensured Haryana Steelers defeated Season 5 & 6 runners-up Gujarat Fortunegiants 41-24 in a one-sided affair at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex in New Delhi on Wednesday. Vikas Kandola and Prashanth Kumar Rai with 8 raid points each and Ravi Kumar with 6 tackle points decimated the Fortunegiants to win the match comfortably.

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Pro Kabaddi NEWS Haryana Steelers defeated Gujarat Fortunegiants | Vikas Khandola Best Raider

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The first Half was a display of complete domination by Haryana Steelers over the Gujarat Fortunegiants led by their star raider Vikas Kandola. The Gujarat defense, despite having the best tackle success rates in Season 7, struggled to contain the Haryana raiding duo of Prashant Kumar Rai and Vikas Kandola, as the Steelers steered ahead. An All-Out inflicted on the Fortunegiants with a 3-point raid in the 15th minute of the first half gave Haryana an 8-point lead where Sunil Kumar and Parvesh Bhainswal both struggled to contain Kandola. Ruturaj Koravi successfully tackled Vikas Kandola twice in the first half but that was not enough to stop Haryana from bagging a massive lead of 9 points going into the second half.

The match was a display of complete domination by Haryana Steelers over the Gujarat Fortunegiants led by their star raider Vikas kandola.

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The fifth Minute of the second half witnessed another All-Out inflicted on the Fortunegiants with the likes of Ravi Kumar and Vikas Kale seen back in form for the Steelers. Support from Vinay and Prashanth for Kandola kept the defense of Gujarat in disarray throughout the second half. Vinay's three-point raid with 8 minutes remaining in the match forced another All-Out on a hapless Gujarat team as Haryana cruised to a 21-point lead.

Haryana Steelers rapped up the match without a single All-Out inflicted on them, winning the contest by a massive 17 points, placing them in 4th spot on the points table.

Vikas Kandhola’s 5 point raid inflicts all out for Gujarat Fortunegiants. Image courtesy: Pro Kabddi


Rohit gulia tackled
Rohit Gulia scored only 4 points in the match. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi


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Gujarat Fortunegiants will meet Haryana Steelers in match number 62 of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 7 at Thyagaraj Sports Complex in New Delhi on Wednesday. Vikash Kandola has been the top raider for Haryana who will be challenged by the defending pair of Gujarat, captain Sunil Kumar and Parvesh Bhainswal. Currently, Gujarat FortuneGiants are placed at the eighth spot in the points table while Steelers are three places above at fifth. Gujarat Fortunegiants are back to the winning ways and they would be hoping to continue the winning ways against Haryana Steelers.

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