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PKL: Unraveling the Most Raid Points in Single Pro Kabaddi League Match Feat Pawan Sehrawat

The Pro Kabaddi League gears up for its highly anticipated 10th season and fans are eagerly waiting for the electrifying displays of skill and strategy that define this uniquely Indian sport. Among the myriad moments etched in the league's history, one aspect stands out – the remarkable feat of raiders accumulating the most raid points in a single match. Topping this exclusive list is the "Hi-Flyer" himself, Pawan Sehrawat, whose astonishing performance in Season 7 continues to reverberate within the kabaddi community.

In Match 118 of Season 7, Pawan Sehrawat etched his name in the PKL history by amassing a staggering 39 raid points while donning the Bengaluru Bulls jersey against Haryana Steelers. The Hi-Flyer lived up to his moniker, orchestrating a one-man show that culminated in a resounding 23-point victory for the Bulls. Demonstrating unmatched prowess, Sehrawat attempted 38 raids and emerged as the solitary raid point scorer for his team on that memorable night.


Sehrawat's exceptional raiding prowess wasn't confined to a single stellar performance; he concluded PKL Season 7 as the standout raider with a total of 346 raid points, cementing his status as one of the league's premier talents. The significance of his contributions to the Bengaluru Bulls' campaign was undeniable, and his ability to single-handedly sway the outcome of a match made him a force to be reckoned with.

While Pawan Sehrawat's record-breaking feat rightfully takes center stage, other kabaddi luminaries have also left an indelible mark on the league's history with their extraordinary raiding displays.

Notably, Pardeep Narwal, the Record-Breaker, showcased his exceptional skills in Season 7, earning 34 raid points in a crucial match against Bengal Warriors (Match 124). Despite Patna Pirates falling short of playoff contention, Narwal's brilliance shone through as he concluded the season as the second-best raider with 302 raid points.


Pardeep Narwal's exploits weren't confined to Season 7 alone; in Season 5 too, he scored 34 points against Haryana Steelers in Eliminator match. He is the only player to achieve the unprecedented feat of scoring 30-plus raid points twice in a single PKL match. In the match against Haryana, Pardeep showcased his brilliance and included a stunning 8-point raid with a dubki. This remarkable season for Narwal culminated in a record-breaking 369 raid points, a feat that still stands as the highest in a single Pro Kabaddi League season.

Rohit Kumar, former captain of Bengaluru Bulls in Season 5, also etched his name in the league's history with a memorable match against U.P. Yoddhas (Match 51). Leading by example, Kumar accumulated an impressive 30 raid points, steering his team to a resounding 64-24 victory. His consistent raiding form throughout the season saw him finish as the second-highest raid points scorer with 219 raid points.

The Pro Kabaddi League has undoubtedly witnessed unforgettable moments, and these record-breaking raiding performances continue to captivate fans across the nation. As the league embarks on its 10th season, the anticipation builds for new chapters in kabaddi history to be written, with players aiming to surpass the remarkable benchmarks set by legends like Pawan Sehrawat, Pardeep Narwal, and Rohit Kumar.