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PKL 10: Simple Plan Worked For Fazel Atrachali as Gujarat Giants Beats Pawan Sehrawat's Telugu Titans

In a thrilling opening match of the 10th season of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), Gujarat Giants emerged victorious against Telugu Titans with a final score of 38-32. The seasoned captain Fazel Atrachali strategically led his team to success, executing a simple yet effective plan that kept Telugu Titans' star raider, Pawan Sehrawat, at bay.

Gujarat Giants' defensive brilliance was on full display as they successfully neutralized Pawan Sehrawat, keeping him off the mat for a significant portion of the match. The key to their success lay in a well-executed strategy that limited Pawan's impact and disrupted the Telugu Titans' offensive rhythm. Gujarat's defence kept Pawan Sehrawat out of action for more than 11 minutes.


The match began with a tense exchange of raids, with both teams showcasing their skills. However, Gujarat Giants quickly took control, with Fazel Atrachali leading from the front with advanced tackles and timely interventions. The first half ended with Telugu Titans holding a narrow lead of 16-13, but it was in the second half that Gujarat Giants truly shone.

The turning point came when Sonu, the lanky raider from Gujarat, executed a sensational 5-point raid, leaving Telugu Titans stunned. He also secured the first Super 10 of PKL Season 10. Pawan Sehrawat challenged the decision through a review, but the video referral upheld the massive five-pointer, securing a substantial lead for Gujarat Giants.

Throughout the match, the Gujarat Giants' defence, spearheaded by Fazel Atrachali and supported by players like Mohammad Nabibakhsh and Hamid Nader, effectively thwarted Telugu Titans' raiders. The team's coordination and ability to initiate crucial tackles at the right moments reflected their preparation and discipline on the mat.

In contrast, Telugu Titans struggled to break through the solid defensive wall put up by Gujarat Giants. Pawan Sehrawat, known for his high-flying raids, found himself contained and frustrated by the strategic tackles employed by the opposition.

Gujarat Giants inflicted two all-outs on Telugu Titans, showcasing their dominance and control over the game. The team's collective effort, both in offence and defence, highlighted their determination to start the season on a winning note.


The experience and leadership of Fazel Atrachali were evident as he marshalled his troops with precision. The defensive unit, including players like Sourav Gulia and Robin Chaudhary, complemented the strategy beautifully, ensuring Telugu Titans had limited opportunities to stage a comeback.

As the full-time hooters sounded, Gujarat Giants celebrated a well-deserved victory, marking a successful start to their 10th-season campaign. Fazel Atrachali's simple plan to neutralize Pawan Sehrawat proved to be the key factor in their triumph, setting a positive tone for the team as they look ahead to the challenges of the PKL season.

Gujarat Giants' strategic brilliance and disciplined execution allowed them to outshine Telugu Titans in the season opener. Fazel Atrachali's leadership and the team's commitment to the game plan were instrumental in securing a convincing win, making a strong statement in the early stages of PKL 10.