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PKL 10: Dabang Delhi K.C. Power-Packed Squad for Pro Kabaddi League 2023

As the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2023 approaches, the anticipation among fans is reaching a fever pitch. In the heart of the action, Dabang Delhi K.C. has left no stone unturned in assembling a formidable squad that promises to dazzle on the kabaddi mat.

With an eye on the coveted championship, the franchise has retained some exciting young talent while making strategic changes to its lineup.

S.No. Player Name Retained/Bought  Country/State  Category Position/Role Price
1   Naveen Kumar Retained India  Retained Young player Left-Right Raider   
2     Vijay Kumar Retained India  Existing NYP  Left Corner   
3       Manjeet  Retained India  Existing NYP  Raider  
4   Ashish Narwal Retained India  Existing NYP  Raider  
5    Suraj Panwar Retained India  Existing NYP  Raider  
6    Himmat Antil  Bought as NYP India  NYP Raider  
7          Manu  Bought as NYP India  NYP Raider  
8          Ashish  Bought as NYP India  NYP Left Corner   
9         Yogesh  Bought as NYP India  NYP Right Corner   
10          Sunil         Bought in Auction  India  B                            Right Corner 20 Lakhs 
11       Ashu Malik       FBM Used  India  B                                  Raider 96.25 Lakhs 
12 Meetu          Bought in Auction  India  B                                  Raider                                 93 Lakhs
13    Yuvraj Pandeya          Bought in Auction  England  C                                 Defender 13 Lakhs
14        Felix Li          Bought in Auction  England  C                                 Defender  13 Lakhs
15     Nitin Chandel          Bought in Auction  India  C                              Right Corner  13 Lakhs 
16     Akash Prasher          Bought in Auction  India  D                               All-Rounder 9 Lakhs 
17        Vikrant           Bought in Auction  India  D                                 Left-Cover 9 Lakhs
18         Mohit          Bought in Auction  India  D                                Right Cover 9 Lakhs 
19  Vishal Bhardwaj          Bought in Auction  India  B                                Left-Corner 20 Lakhs 
20 Balasaheb Jadhav          Bought in Auction  India  C                                Right Cover 13 Lakhs 


Leading the charge for Dabang Delhi K.C. are the retained young sensations who have already proven their mettle in the fast-paced world of kabaddi. At the forefront is the electrifying Naveen Kumar, whose ability to raid with lightning speed and agility has made him a household name. Naveen's presence in the team is not only a source of inspiration but also a potential game-changer on any given day.


Complementing Naveen Kumar are a trio of young stars who have showcased their kabaddi prowess. Vijay, Manjeet, Ashish Narwal, and Suraj Panwar, all of whom fall in the 'existing young players' category, bring a wealth of talent and versatility to the team. Their skills in raiding and defending make them vital cogs in Dabang Delhi's quest for glory.

With the combination of these retained and existing young talents, Dabang Delhi K.C. boasts a squad that can take on the best in the league. Their collective experience and enthusiasm promise an electrifying season ahead.

In the quest for excellence, Dabang Delhi K.C. has also made strategic decisions to release certain players such as Ashu Malik, Aakash, Sandeep Kumar and Amit Hooda, who have contributed in the past but will now go under the hammer in the PKL 10 Auction. The released players include:

The stage is set, and the excitement is palpable as Dabang Delhi K.C. gears up to dazzle fans in PKL 2023. With the perfect blend of experience and youthful exuberance, this squad promises thrilling kabaddi action and aims to clinch the championship that has eluded them thus far.