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PKL 10: Full Squad of Patna Pirates for Pro Kabaddi League 2023

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is back, and the excitement in the air is palpable. As fans eagerly await the start of PKL 10, one of the most storied franchises in the league, the Patna Pirates, will reveal its squad for the upcoming season. With some familiar faces and a few fresh additions, the Patna Pirates are gearing up for another thrilling campaign in the world of kabaddi.

The heart and soul of any PKL team are the players who've been retained, and the Patna Pirates have made some shrewd choices in this department. Here are the star players who will continue to don the famed Patna Pirates jersey in PKL 10:

Sachin Tanwar: Known for his lightning-quick raids and ability to turn the game in an instant, Sachin Tanwar is a formidable raider and a fan favorite.

Neeraj Kumar: Neeraj Kumar's defensive prowess makes him an invaluable asset to the team. His ability to tackle even the most agile raiders is a testament to his skills.

Manish: Manish's agility and knack for quick escapes make him a dependable raider. His ability to score crucial points in pressure situations is commendable.

Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj: Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj, often referred to as the "Showman," is a reliable all-rounder known for his acrobatic raids and solid defense.

Naveen Sharma: Naveen Sharma's lightning-fast raids and fearless approach make him a player to watch out for in PKL 10.

Ranjit Venkatramana Naik: A versatile all-rounder, Ranjit Venkatramana Naik's ability to contribute both in attack and defense adds depth to the team.

Anuj Kumar: Anuj Kumar's experience and tactical acumen on the mat make him a valuable member of the squad. His leadership qualities are an added advantage.


Full Squad of Patna Pirates for PKL 10 (To be updated after the auction)

1. Sachin Tanwar
2. Neeraj Kumar
3. Manish
4. Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj
5. Naveen Sharma
6. Ranjit Venkatramana Naik
7. Anuj Kumar

While retaining key players is crucial, the Patna Pirates have also bid farewell to some familiar faces, releasing them into the PKL 10 auction pool. Here are some of the players who will seek new horizons in the upcoming season: Mohammadreza ChiyanehRohit GuliaShivam ChaudhariSukesh HegdeAkshay Bodke.

The released players will enter the PKL auction, where their skills and talents will be up for grabs as various franchises look to bolster their squads.

With a blend of experienced retained players and ready to sign exciting new talents, the Patna Pirates are poised for a thrilling PKL 10 season. The team's management and fans have high hopes for the upcoming campaign, as they aim to clinch the coveted PKL trophy once again.

As the countdown to PKL 10 continues, fans of Patna Pirates eagerly await the first raid, the first tackle, and the first roar of triumph. Stay tuned for the action, as PKL 10 promises to be a roller-coaster ride of adrenaline, skill, and fierce competition!