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PKL 10: A Look at Telugu Titans Full Squad

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is back with a bang in 2023, promising to deliver a thrilling season of kabaddi action. Among the teams vying for glory is the Telugu Titans, a franchise with a rich history and a passionate fan base. As the countdown to PKL 10 begins, let's take a closer look at the Telugu Titans' squad for the upcoming season.

In a bid to maintain consistency and build on their previous performances, the Telugu Titans have wisely retained some of their key players. These players have not only shown their prowess in the previous seasons but have also become the backbone of the team. 


Parvesh Bhainswal: A stalwart defender, has been the heart of the Telugu Titans' defence for years. His fearless tackles and ability to read the game make him a valuable asset. His presence is sure to bolster the Titans' defence in PKL 10.

Young Guns Staying On

While retaining experienced players is essential, nurturing young talent is equally important for the long-term success of any team. The Telugu Titans have retained a young player, Rajnish, who shows great promise.

Rajnish, the young and agile raider, has displayed glimpses of brilliance in past seasons. His lightning-fast raids and ability to outsmart defenders have earned him a place as a retained young player. With time and guidance, he may blossom into a true kabaddi star.

Welcoming New Young Talents

To add a fresh dimension to their squad, the Telugu Titans have brought in some promising young talents. These new inclusions are expected to inject energy and enthusiasm into the team.

1. Mohit: A young raider, is set to make his debut with the Titans. His agility and quick thinking on the mat make him an exciting prospect.

2. Nitin: An emerging talent in the raiding department, joins the Titans' ranks. His explosive raids and knack for scoring points could prove vital for the team's success.

3. Vinay: A versatile all-rounder, offers a mix of raiding and defending abilities. His presence will provide the Titans with tactical flexibility on the mat.

Full Squad of Telugu Titans for PKL 10:


S.No. Player Name Retained/Bought  Country  Category Position/Role Price
1 Parvesh Bhainswal Retained India Elite Retained Players Defender - Left Cover  
2 Rajnish Retained India Retained New Young Players Raider  
3 Mohit Retained India Existing New Young Players Defender - Left Cover  
4 Nitin Retained India Existing New Young Players Defender - Right Cover  
5 Vinay Retained India Existing New Young Players Raider  
6 Praful Zaware Bought as NYP India NYP Raider  
7 Omkar Patil Bought as NYP India NYP Raider  
8 Ankit Bought as NYP India NYP Defender - Left Corner  
9 Sanjeevi S. Bought as NYP India NYP All-Rounder  
10 Pawan Kumar Sehrawat Bought India B Raider 2 Cr 60.5 L
11 Hamid Nader  Bought Iran C All-Rounder 13 L
12 Milad Jabbari Bought Iran C Defender 13 L
13 Shankar Gadai Bought India C All-Rounder 13 L
14 Omkar R Bought India D All-Rounder 9 L
15 Gaurav Dahiya Bought India D Defender 9 L
16 Pandurang Pawar Bought India D Defender, Left Cover  9 L
17 Mohit Bought India D Defender, Right Corner 9 L
18 Rohit Chaudhary Bought India D Right Raider 9 L


As the Pro Kabaddi League 10 approaches, the Telugu Titans seem to be gearing up for an exciting season. With a mix of experienced retained players, promising young talents, and potential additions from the auction, the Titans aim to make their mark in the league once again. Kabaddi fans can look forward to witnessing exhilarating matches and breathtaking raids as the Titans chase their dream of lifting the PKL trophy in 2023.