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PKL Season 10: Analyzing Gujarat Giants SWOT for Pro Kabaddi League 2023

As the Gujarat Giants prepare for the highly anticipated Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Season 10, it's essential to conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of their squad:


1. Retained Talent: The Gujarat Giants have retained key players like Manuj and Sonu, who are elite performers in their respective roles. Manuj's strong presence in the right corner defence and Sonu's raiding prowess provide a solid foundation.

2. Balanced All-Rounders: The team boasts a well-rounded all-rounder lineup with the likes of Rohan Singh, Parteek Dahiya, Arkam Shaikh, and Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh. This versatility allows for flexibility in match strategies.

3. International Expertise: The acquisition of Iranian star Fazel Atrachali, who excels in the defender role, adds international experience and a strong defensive pillar to the squad.



1. Inexperience of New Young Players: While the Giants have invested in young talents like Nitin, there is a risk associated with inexperience. It may take time for these players to adjust to the rigours of the PKL.

2. Lack of Elite Raiders: While Sonu is a prolific raider, there is a relative lack of elite raiders in the squad. Depending heavily on Sonu for raid points could make the team predictable.


1. Youth Development: The Gujarat Giants have a chance to nurture and develop promising young talents like Nitin, Arkam Shaikh, and others. Effective mentoring can help these players grow into valuable assets for the future.

2. Strategic Variability: With a diverse all-rounder lineup, the team can explore various strategies, including raiding and defending combinations that can catch opponents off guard.



1. Tough Competition: The PKL Season 10 features some formidable teams and star players. The competition will be intense, and the Giants must be prepared for challenging matchups.

2. Injury Risks: Injuries are a significant threat in professional sports. A key player's absence due to injury could disrupt the team's performance and morale.

3. Inconsistent Performances: Inconsistent forms of key players or the failure to adapt to different game situations may lead to unexpected losses and impact overall performance.

The Gujarat Giants have a strong base of retained talent, a balanced all-rounder lineup, and the addition of international expertise. However, they face challenges with inexperienced young players and a potential over-reliance on elite raiders.

To succeed in PKL Season 10, they must focus on nurturing young talent, diversifying their strategic approach, and building a passionate fan base. Being prepared for tough competition, injury risks, and the need for player consistency will be crucial as they aim to make a significant impact in the upcoming season.

Full Squad of Gujarat Giants for PKL 10:

Fazel Atrachali, Rohit Gulia, Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Arkam Shaikh, Sombir, Balaji D, Vikas Jaglan, Sourav Gulia, Deepak Rajender Singh, Ravi Kumar, More G B, Jitender Yadav, Nitesh, Jagdeep, Manuj, Sonu, Parteek Dahiya, Rohan Singh, Rakesh, and Nitin.