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PKL Season 10: How Life of Players have been Changed Financially in every passing years?


In recent seasons, Kabaddi players have witnessed a significant uptick in their earnings. What was once measured in lakhs has now catapulted into crores, reflecting a remarkable evolution in the sport. This meteoric rise in the financial stature of Kabaddi players can be largely attributed to the comprehensive ecosystem that has propelled Kabaddi to new heights. In this article, we delve into this transformation, exploring the players' ascent through the ranks and the pivotal role of the ecosystem in their success.

The Ascendance of Kabaddi Players:

Kabaddi players have ascended the ladder of success, showcasing their mettle on the grandest stages of the sport. Their achievements at the highest level have been nothing short of spectacular. Their journey, marked by hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent, is a testament to the potential Kabaddi holds as a sport.

The Impact of the Previous Edition:

The previous edition of Kabaddi tournaments left a profound impact, epitomized by players like Pawan Sehrawat. His extraordinary performance in the tournament, which culminated in him earning a staggering 2.5 million, has played a significant role in the positive development of the sport. Pawan Sehrawat's success story is a source of inspiration, showcasing the rewards that await players who excel in the fiercely competitive world of Kabaddi.

Evaluating the Ecosystem's Contribution:

The transformation of Kabaddi players' earnings can be attributed, in no small part, to the robust ecosystem that surrounds the sport. This ecosystem encompasses various facets, including coaching, talent development, infrastructure, marketing, and fan engagement. The ecosystem has not only elevated the players' skills but has also made Kabaddi a more commercially viable and entertaining sport.


Talent Development and Coaching:

The nurturing of talent from a young age is a cornerstone of the ecosystem's success. Identifying promising Kabaddi prospects and providing them with the right guidance and training is instrumental in their journey to becoming professional athletes. Exceptional coaching standards are pivotal in shaping these budding talents into world-class Kabaddi players.

Infrastructure Enhancement:

The ecosystem's investment in improving infrastructure cannot be overstated. Modern facilities, stadiums, and training centers are essential to attract top-tier talent and to ensure that players have access to world-class training and resources.

Marketing and Fan Engagement:

The ecosystem has also significantly boosted the visibility of Kabaddi. Through effective marketing strategies and fan engagement initiatives, the sport has gained a broader audience. This, in turn, has attracted sponsors and broadcasters, resulting in more lucrative opportunities for players.

Sustaining the Momentum:

The transformation of Kabaddi players' earnings is undoubtedly a positive development. However, it is crucial to ensure that this momentum is sustained. Investing in the ecosystem, fostering emerging talents, and continuously improving the sport's infrastructure will be key to securing a bright future for Kabaddi.


The ascent of Kabaddi players' earnings from lakhs to crores is a remarkable story of determination and a testament to the potential that exists within the sport. This transformation is intricately linked to the robust ecosystem that has cultivated Kabaddi's growth. The journey of players like Pawan Sehrawat exemplifies the possibilities within Kabaddi, and it is essential to continue nurturing this potential to ensure the sport's enduring success and prosperity.