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Pro Kabaddi League 2023: Top Raiders to Watch Out for in Patna Pirates ft. Sachin in PKL Season 10

The Pro Kabaddi League 2023 is just around the corner and is scheduled to start on 2 December 2023. Among the teams that are looking to make a mark in this 10th season, the Patna Pirates stand out as one of the strongest contenders. Patna Pirates will play their season opener against Telugu Titans on 6 December 2023 at The Arena by TransStadia, Ahmedabad. 

Ahead of PKL Season 10, Patna Pirates are looking formidable contender to win the Pro Kabaddi League 2023 title. Among their star-studded lineup, here's a look at their Top 3 raiders who can turn the tide in favour of Patna Pirates in PKL Season 10:

1. Sachin - The Raider Extraordinaire

Sachin, a name that strikes fear into the hearts of defenders, is a seasoned raider with a phenomenal track record. His performances in previous seasons have been nothing short of outstanding. In Season 9, he played 20 matches and earned a total of 179 points, with an impressive average of 8.8 raid points per match. Sachin's attacking prowess is evident in his stats, with a successful raid rate of 38% and a remarkable eight Super 10s to his name. While his defensive contributions may be modest, Sachin's ability to rack up raid points makes him a vital asset for the Patna Pirates.


2. Manjeet - The Dynamic Raider

Manjeet, a name synonymous with agility and flair, is another raider to watch out for in the upcoming PKL season. In Season 9, he showcased his versatility by earning 163 points in 22 matches, with an average of 6.77 raid points per match. His knack for scoring Super Raids and Super 10s adds an exciting dimension to the Pirates' attack. Manjeet's ability to tackle is also an asset, with an average of 0.64 successful tackles per match. His balance between attack and defence makes him a crucial player for the Patna Pirates.

3. Rakesh Narwal - The Rising Star

Rakesh Narwal is a young and promising raider who has been making a name for himself in recent seasons. In Season 9, he played 15 matches and scored 50 points, with an average of 3.2 raid points per match. While his numbers may not be as eye-catching as some of the other raiders, Rakesh Narwal's potential to become a top performer is undeniable. As he gains experience, Rakesh Narwal could prove to be a dark horse for the Patna Pirates in PKL 2023.

As the Pro Kabaddi League 2023 kicks off, all eyes will be on the Patna Pirates and their formidable raiding unit. With raiders like Sachin, Manjeet, and Rakesh Narwal in their ranks, the Pirates have a strong foundation for success. These raiders bring a blend of experience, skill, and potential to the team, making them the ones to watch out for.

PKL 2023 promises to be a thrilling season, and the Patna Pirates' raiders are poised to be the driving force behind their campaign. Kabaddi enthusiasts and Patna Pirates fans alike eagerly await their heroics on the mat, hoping for a triumphant season in the league.