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Top 5 Raiders With the Most Super 10s in Pro Kabaddi Season 10

Pro Kabaddi Season 10 saw some incredible raiders take center stage, showcasing their exceptional skills and contributing significantly to their teams' performances. Here's a look at the top 5 raiders who dominated the league with their impressive number of Super 10s.

1. Arjun Deshwal (Jaipur Pink Panthers): Arjun Deshwal, also known as the "Raid Machine," lived up to his name by scoring 17 Super 10s and a total of 276 raid points for the Jaipur Pink Panthers. He was the team's go-to raider, consistently bringing in points and proving his value. However, the Pink Panthers fell short of reaching the finals, losing in the Semi-Final round.


2. Ashu Malik (Dabang Delhi KC): Ashu Malik, the fearless captain of Dabang Delhi KC. Ashu not only bagged a whopping 15 Super 10s but also amassed a staggering 276 raid points. His leadership and raiding skills were a force to be reckoned with, but unfortunately, Dabang Delhi's journey ended in the Eliminator round against Patna Pirates.

3. Pawan Sehrawat (Telugu Titans): The "Hi-Flyer," Pawan Sehrawat, was a shining star for the Telugu Titans. Despite scoring 13 Super 10s and a commendable 202 raid points, Sehrawat's efforts couldn't propel the Titans to the playoffs. His exceptional raiding skills were a highlight, but Kabaddi being a team sport, the Titans fell short of collective success.

4. Narender (Tamil Thalaivas): Narender's agility and raiding expertise were on display throughout the season for the Tamil Thalaivas. He managed to score 11 Super 10s and accumulated 186 raid points. Narender's raiding abilities were a valuable asset to his team, but like the other teams mentioned above, the Thalaivas couldn't make it to the playoffs.

5. Maninder Singh (Bengal Warriors): The "Mighty" Maninder Singh proved his raiding mettle for the Bengal Warriors, scoring 9 Super 10s and a total of 197 raid points. While his experience and skills were valuable, the Bengal Warriors struggled to find their footing in the tournament and missed out on a playoff berth.

These top raiders not only entertained the audience with their thrilling raids but also played a crucial role in their teams' performances. While some fell short of reaching the ultimate glory, their contributions to Pro Kabaddi Season 10 were undeniable. They have set the bar high for future raiders and inspired aspiring athletes to chase their dreams in the exciting world of Kabaddi.