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Who is Gujarat Giants' Prodigy Sonu Jaglan Shining Bright in PKL 10?

In PKL season 10 one player who has been making waves is Sonu Jaglan. He has now become a star raider for his team Gujarat Giants. Sonu is only 23 years old and coming from Punjab he has achieved this fame in no time at all. This article will explore Sonu’s performance in the PKL, looking at his ups and downs as well as his astonishing resurgence in the current campaign.

Sonu Jaglan's Early PKL Journey

His affair with PKL commenced during the 7th season when he got onboarded on the Gujarat Giants. In 17 games, although just a beginner, he displayed his potential by collecting 72 points. It was impressive that he had a raid strike rate of 41%, showing that he was a versatile player. Sonu had a promising debut season that was the precursor of his career in the league.

Setback and Comeback

However, the next season proved a real hardship for Sonu when he broke his leg. Unfortunately, this injury took him off action for the whole of the 2021 season. Although this was a big challenge, Sonu remained strong and invested enough effort in restoring his fitness. His perseverance paid off when he bounced back in the 9th edition and resumed playing for the Gujarat Giants.


Sonu Jaglan in PKL 2022

He played for a total of 12 matches and accumulated 46 points to his account during the 2022 season, registering a raid strike rate of over 51%. The show proved that Sonu had not just recovered, but he continued to raid at the highest level.

Sonu's Stellar Performance in PKL 2023

As PKL 2023 unfolds, Sonu Jaglan has once again taken the spotlight with his outstanding performances. In just 5 games he has already accumulated 48 points, leaving fans and experts in awe. His raid strike rate of 58% showcases his effectiveness on the mat, and he aims to further solidify this impressive statistic in the upcoming games.

Looking at Sonu's overall stats across the three seasons he has played, his brilliance becomes even more evident. With a total of 170 points in 35 games since 2019, Sonu has proven to be a consistent and valuable asset for the Gujarat Giants. His 296 total raids and a successful raid rate of 40% underscore his talent as a raider. On the defensive front, Sonu has two super tackles and a noteworthy tackle success rate of 41%, showcasing his versatility on the mat.


As PKL 10 progresses, the anticipation for more of Sonu Jaglan's excellence is palpable among fans and experts alike. His ability to make a strong comeback after adversity and consistently deliver standout performances makes him a player to watch in the current season and beyond.

Sonu Jaglan's journey in the Pro Kabaddi League is a testament to his resilience, skill, and dedication to the sport. From a promising debut to overcoming a major setback, Sonu has emerged as a top performer for the Gujarat Giants in PKL 2023. As the season unfolds, fans can expect more thrilling moments and stellar raids from this young kabaddi prodigy, solidifying his position as one of the league's standout players.