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Patna Pirates vs UP Yoddha | Match 135 | PKL 8 News, Score, Result, Moments

Patna Pirates defeated UP Yoddha 38-27 in the 135th match of Pro Kabaddi Season 8. The most effective player of the match for the Patna Pirates was Guman Singh. He was ably supported by Sachin. Shrikant Jadhav's efforts went in vain tonight.




Coach Ram Mehar Singh will be delighted with this win as it takes his team to finale of the season. This loss led to the elimination of UP Yoddha from the league.

Patna Pirates were dominant in the raiding department scoring 16 points to UP Yoddha 15. When it came to tackling Patna Pirates scored 16 points to UP Yoddha 9 points. Patna Pirates cleaned up the opposition into 3 All-Outs. And that made all the difference.

The mainstay of the Patna Pirates was C Sajin staying on the mat for 94% of the raids and scoring 1 points.

Patna Pirates led right from the word go with their lead going as high as 14 points in the 35th raid. At half-time, they led by 14 and easily wrapped up the match with a score difference of 11.

Patna Pirates were simply superior in the raiding department led by Guman Singh

Guman Singh scored 8 raid points and he was supported by Sachin with 6 points. Guman Singh kept picking points to keep the UP Yoddha at bay.
Shrikant Jadhav delivered for the UP Yoddha with 8 points, but it was not sufficient on the day against the Patna Pirates. UP Yoddha scored a total of 15 raid points and their raiders were tackled 16 times.


Shrikant Jadhav the silver lining for the UP Yoddha



Shrikant Jadhav scored 10 points, contributing to 42% of the points scored by the UP Yoddha. He had very little support from the other raiders and his defence. His 10 points included 5 touch points, 3 bonus points and 2 tackle points.



Key Moments in the Match


Raid 1 PP 0 - 0 UP   Pardeep Narwal (UP) Pardeep is risking his team into a Do-or-Die Raid. Risky Strategy!
Raid 12 PP 4 - 2 UP   Sachin (PP) Sachin Tanwar goes out after UP Yoddha executes a super tackle to perfection!
Raid 18 PP 6 - 3 UP   Guman Singh (PP) Guman Singh gets another raid point as he takes out Nitesh Kumar, Ashu Singh.
Raid 19 PP 7 - 3 UP   Shrikant Jadhav (UP) It's Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh again as he takes Shrikant Jadhav off his feet and pummels him to the ground.
Raid 21 PP 11 - 4 UP   Surender Gill (UP) Sunil, Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh trap raider Surender Gill, after he pinched a bonus point.
Raid 22 PP 13 - 4 UP   Prashanth Kumar Rai (PP) Sumit, Nitesh Kumar has to leave as Prashanth K Rai gets a touch on him.
Raid 30 PP 16 - 6 UP   Sachin (PP) SUPER TACKLE! Ashu Singh, Surender Gill makes a fantastic tackle on Sachin Tanwar
Raid 35 PP 21 - 7 UP   Ashu Singh (UP) C Sajin, Neeraj trap raider Ashu Singh, after he pinched a bonus point.
Raid 47 PP 25 - 9 UP   Pardeep Narwal (UP) TAKEN OUT! Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh strikes once again and it's the big man Pardeep who's taken out.
Raid 52 PP 26 - 13 UP   Guman Singh (PP) SUPER TACKLE! Shrikant Jadhav, Nitesh Kumar makes a fantastic tackle on Guman Singh
Raid 57 PP 27 - 13 UP   Shrikant Jadhav (UP) Shrikant Jadhav tackled by defense.
Raid 59 PP 31 - 14 UP   Shubham Kumar (UP) Perfect team play, the defense ushers the raider Shubham Kumar out of the mat. Raider however pinches a bonus.
Raid 72 PP 34 - 20 UP   Sachin (PP) There's not much Sachin Tanwar can do as the UP Yoddha defense completely closes in on him.
Raid 78 PP 34 - 24 UP   Guman Singh (PP) There's not much Guman Singh can do as the UP Yoddha defense completely closes in on him.
Raid 79 PP 34 - 27 UP   Pardeep Narwal (UP) Pardeep gets his man! He's been targeting Shubham Shinde for a while now and finally gets him out with a smart Hand Touch.