Kabaddi Adda

PKL 10: Exclusive Conversation with UP Yoddha's Upcoming Stars in the Marquee Event

Team Kabaddi Adda visited UP Yoddha's Camp had an exclusive Conversation with New Players including the likes of Gulveer Singh, Anil Kumar and Shivam Choudhary where we have shared entire conversation in the form of pointers shared below. Kindly check the same in the below attachments: 

Gulveer Singh - The Raider to Watch:

League Anticipation: Gulveer Singh, the formidable raider for UP Yoddha, expresses his excitement for the upcoming league. He notes the team's consistent trend of reaching the semifinals and hopes for a significant turnaround in the new season.

Team Unity: When queried about the dressing room atmosphere, Singh highlights the positive environment within the team. He emphasizes the crucial role of the coach in shaping the squad's strength, affirming that the team is well-balanced and supportive of each other.

Learning from the Best: Singh reveals his desire to learn the "dubki" move from the exceptional raider Pardeep Narwal. Acknowledging Narwal's unique skill set, Singh sees him as a special player from whom he can glean valuable techniques to enhance his own gameplay.


Anil Kumar - Humility and Skill Unveiled:

Skill Aspiration: Anil Kumar, another key player for UP Yoddha, echoes Singh's admiration for Pardeep Narwal. Kumar expresses his desire to learn the elusive "dubki" move, showcasing humility and a keen eagerness to enhance his skills.

Team Atmosphere: Kumar describes the team environment as relaxed and chill. His confidence in the team's potential to achieve remarkable feats in the ongoing marquee event underscores the unity and camaraderie among the players.

Message to Fans: Kumar delivers a straightforward message to the fans – a collective determination to secure the PKL Trophy this season. This succinct and powerful message reflects the team's focus on achieving the ultimate goal.

Shivam Choudhary - A Journey of Transformation:

Understanding NYP (New Young Player): Shivam Choudhary sheds light on his journey, explaining that he joined the academy three years ago after spending time in his village. The transition, marked by learning from the coach and gaining insights from players like Pardeep Narwal, has significantly shaped his skills and perspective.

Preparation Excitement: Choudhary expresses great enthusiasm about the upcoming season, indicating that his preparations have been robust. The anticipation of making a significant impact in the marquee event resonates in his statement.

Team's Initial Setback: While UP Yoddha faced a setback in their first match of PKL 10, the focus is on making a transitional comeback. The recognition of the early challenges sets the stage for a resilient and determined approach in the matches to come.

Mix of Youth and Experience: The Yoddhas boast a roster featuring both young talents and seasoned players. The emphasis on playing as a cohesive unit and forming a solid combination underlines the team's strategy for success.

Optimistic Journey Ahead: Despite the initial hurdle, the team believes that their journey has just begun, with the promise of improvement in the matches that lie ahead. The collective optimism and commitment to progress set the tone for a compelling narrative in the PKL season.