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PKL 10: Complete Performance Analysis of U Mumba in all the matches held so far

PKL Points Table
PKL 10 Points Table 

U Mumba finds itself currently occupying the 5th position on the Points table after completing four matches in the Mumbai leg of the Pro Kabaddi League. Their performance in these matches has been a mixed bag, with one victory, one tie, and two losses, indicating a need for strategic adjustments in both captaincy and team combinations.

Tactical improvements are crucial for U Mumba, and this involves a thorough analysis of opposition strengths and strategies. The team needs to fine-tune both their attacking and defensive approaches to better align with the challenges posed by opponents in the upcoming matches.

The upcoming leg holds significant importance for U Mumba, as they strive to enhance their overall performance and climb up the rankings. The team is under pressure to deliver a more consistent and improved performance, making it imperative for the coaching staff and players to address the tactical nuances that can make a substantial difference on the mat.

In their 11 matches so far, U Mumba has secured victory in six encounters while facing defeat in five, resulting in a score difference of 14. The cumulative points scored by the team stand at 35, underscoring the need for a more balanced and effective game plan moving forward.

The role of Coach Gholamreza and Captain Surinder Singh becomes pivotal in this scenario. A strategic reassessment and a meticulous evaluation of their game plan are essential for the team's success in the latter stages of the tournament. The coaching staff must collaborate with the captain to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both individual players and the team as a whole.


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The challenges faced by U Mumba are not insurmountable, and a thoughtful approach to strategy can turn the tide in their favor. A proactive adjustment of combinations, astute captaincy decisions, and a focus on both offensive and defensive strategies will be crucial for U Mumba to achieve the desired turnaround in their performance.

The team's ability to adapt to evolving game scenarios, exploit opponent vulnerabilities, and showcase resilience in the face of challenges will be paramount. With the right adjustments and a renewed strategic focus, U Mumba has the potential to emerge as a formidable force in the Pro Kabaddi League, creating a pathway for success in the latter stages of the competition.