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PKL 10: Full Team of Bengaluru Bulls for Pro Kabaddi League 2023

As the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) gears up for its 10th season, excitement is building among fans, and teams are busy strategizing their lineups. The Bengaluru Bulls, a prominent franchise in the league, have retained some key players and will look to buy some exciting talent in PKL 2023 Auction.

Leading the retained players for Bengaluru Bulls is the dynamic raider, Neeraj Narwal. With his agile and explosive raiding style, Narwal has been a consistent performer and a valuable asset for the team. His ability to notch up crucial points in crunch situations has earned him elite player status.

Joining Narwal in the list of retained young players are Bharat and Saurabh Nandal. These emerging talents have shown promise in their performances and represent the future of the Bengaluru Bulls. With their youth and enthusiasm, Bharat and Nandal add depth to the team's roster and provide versatility in raiding and defending departments.

Yash Hooda, an existing young player, continues his journey with the Bengaluru Bulls. His experience and knowledge of the team's dynamics can be invaluable, especially in mentoring the newer additions to the squad. Hooda's presence bolsters the team's foundation and ensures continuity in their gameplay strategies.

Full Squad of Bengaluru Bulls For PKL 10:

S.No. Player Name Retained/Bought  Country Category Position/Role Price
1 Neeraj Narwal Retained India Elite Retained Players Raider  
2 Bharat Hooda Retained India Retained Young Players Raider  
3 Saurabh Nandal Retained India Retained Young Players Defender - Right Corner  
4 Aman  Retained India Existing New Young Players Defender - Left Corner  
5 Yash Hooda Retained India Existing New Young Players Defender - Right Corner  
6 Akshit Bought as NYP India NYP Raider  
7 Aditya Powar Bought as NYP India NYP Defender - Left Corner  
8 Parteek Bought as NYP India NYP Defender - Left Cover  
9 Arulnanthababu Bought as NYP India NYP Defender - Right Corner  
10 Vishal Bought India B Defender - Left Cover 20 L
11 Vikas Kandola Bought India B Raider 55.25 L
12 Md. Liton Ali Bought Bangladesh C Defender - Right Corner 13 L
13 Piotr Pamulak  Bought Poland C Raider 13 L
14 Ponparthiban Subramanian Bought India C Defender 19.20 L
15 Banty Bought India C Raider 13 L
16 Surjeet Singh Bought India C Defender 14.20 L
17 Monu Bought India C Raider 24.10 L
18 Ankit Bought India D Defender, Left Corner 9 L
19 Sachin Narwal Bought India B All Rounder 23.25 L
20 Ran Singh Bought India C All Rounder 13 lac
21 Sunder Bought India C Defender 13 L
22 Abhishek Singh Bought India C Raider 14 L
23 Sushil Bought India C Raider 13 L
24 Rakshith Bought India D Defender, Right Cover 9 L
25 Rohit Kumar Bought India D Defender, Left Cover 9 L




As the stage is set for PKL Season 10 Auction, the Bengaluru Bulls, like other franchises, will have the opportunity to further fine-tune their squad. The auction is a critical phase where teams strategically bid for players who align with their vision for the season. Fans and pundits will keenly observe the moves made by Bengaluru Bulls in the auction, as they seek to assemble a formidable and balanced team that can compete at the highest level in PKL 2023.

The Bengaluru Bulls' approach to the upcoming PKL season is a blend of continuity and change. With the retention of key players and the release of others, the team is poised for a fresh start, potentially ushering in a new era of kabaddi excellence. As the excitement builds for the PKL Season 10 Auction, the Bengaluru Bulls, along with their loyal fan base, eagerly await the opportunity to craft a winning formula for the next chapter of their journey in the Pro Kabaddi League.