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PKL 10: Sachin Tanwar's Heroic Performance brings stellar Victory for Pirates against Telugu Titans

Pawan Sehrawat initially extended the lead, despite a quick scoring spree by the Titans. Patna retaliated in defense, keeping the score neck-and-neck at 12-11. Baskaran Edhachary guided the teams through a closely contested first half, ending with a score of 13-11 in favor of Telugu Titans. Parvesh Bhainswal's late entrance ended in an all-out for Patna Pirates, granting 3 points to the Titans, narrowing the score to 17-13.

In the second half, Patna Pirates maintained their dominance. Despite a spirited effort by Telugu Titans, the scoreline reached 22-14. Parvesh Bhainswal's self-out and a subsequent all-out initiated by the Pirates widened the gap to 27-15. Titans faced further setbacks, with Sehrawat being tackled five times in the same match. The first half concluded with Patna Pirates leading 28-16.

The second half began with Sachin Tanwar swiftly adding another point, bringing the score to 30-16. Pawan Sehrawat's raid strategy faced repeated challenges, resulting in his sixth dismissal. Despite Titans' defensive efforts, Patna Pirates extended their lead to 32-20. Another successful raid by Tanwar increased the lead to 35-24.

Sachin Tanwar
Sachin Tanwar 


Ankit from Patna Pirates showcased exceptional defensive skills, tackling Pawan Sehrawat thrice in the contest and earning a High 5. The second half's first time-out reflected Pirates' dominance with an 11-point lead. Sanjeevi from Titans added a point during the second half's first raid. Tanwar continued his stellar performance, scoring crucial points and bringing the scoreline to 37-26.

As the game approached its closing stages, Patna Pirates maintained a substantial lead at 43-27. Manjeet contributed another point, securing a convincing 45-27 lead. Pawan Sehrawat, though showing signs of fatigue, displayed moments of prowess. However, a successful review led to an all-out, concluding the game with a score of 50-28 in favor of Patna Pirates.

When it comes to Team Stats, Patna Pirates had raid strike rate close to 54.55% in retrospect to 24.44% from Telugu Titans. 

The longest successful raid was executed by Patna Pirates was 6 in response to Telugu Titans was 3. 

Eventually Pirates dominated the entire match, and they won the game quite convincingly against Titans with a scoreline of 50-28.