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PKL Season 10: Puneri Paltan CEO Kailash Kandpal Believes in All-Rounder, Explains Record-Breaking 2.35 Cr Bid For Shadloui

Puneri Paltan, the Kabaddi powerhouse, made headlines with their bold decisions and strategic acquisitions. The journey of Puneri Paltan to the finals of PKL Season 9 marked a historic moment for the team, showcasing a unique blend of seasoned experience and the exuberance of youth.

Led by the Sultan of Kabaddi, Fazel Atrachali, Puneri Paltan's success in the recent season wasn't solely attributed to individual brilliance. Instead, it reflected a cohesive team effort, underlining the depth and versatility of their squad.

In a recent interview, the CEO of Puneri Paltan uncovered the intricacies of the team's planning, auction strategies, and unwavering commitment to grassroots development. Notably, Kailash shed light on the decision to part ways with captain Fazel and the record-breaking 2.35 crore bid for the young all-rounder, Mohammadreza Shadloui.


Kailash revealed the team's forward-looking strategy, emphasizing a shift in focus towards all-rounders. The decision to bring in Shadlou, a rising star from Iran, for a staggering amount was rooted in a comprehensive vision for the team's future success.

"We believe that going forward, all-rounders will play an important role in team formation. Shadlou is a good defender, and in the recently concluded Asian Games, he was the lead raider for Iran," explained Kailash. The CEO underscored Coach BC Ramesh's philosophy, highlighting the significance of versatile players who can seamlessly switch between raiding and defending roles, a quality that Shadlou brings to the table.

Addressing the question of Shadlou's potential captaincy, Kailash remained pragmatic, leaving the decision to Coach BC Ramesh. He highlighted Shadlou's role as a dynamic young defender capable of creating opportunities in critical defensive situations, a quality crucial for a team when trailing or with lead raiders on the bench.


Puneri Paltan's strategic moves didn't stop there. The team also welcomed Ahmed Inamdar, the brother of player Aslam Inamdar, into their ranks. Kailash acknowledged Ahmed Inamdar's potential and expressed the team's intention to provide every player with an opportunity on the mat.

As the PKL Season 10 approaches, Puneri Paltan's strategic decisions and commitment to nurturing versatile talent are poised to reshape the landscape of kabaddi. The emphasis on all-rounders and the infusion of young, dynamic players like Shadloui and Inamdar signal a new era for Puneri Paltan, one that holds the promise of continued success and a legacy that goes beyond individual brilliance.