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Pro Kabaddi League 2023: SWOT Analysis of Pardeep Narwal's UP Yoddhas for PKL Season 10

With Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 just around the corner, the UP Yoddhas are gearing up to win this highly competitive tournament. Armed with a blend of retained and newly acquired players, the team is determined to make their mark in the PKL. As the excitement builds, we delve into a comprehensive SWOT analysis to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the UP Yoddhas face in their quest for PKL glory in 2023.


1. Pardeep Narwal's Brilliance: The team's retained raider, Pardeep Narwal, is one of the most renowned and successful kabaddi players in the league's history. His exceptional raiding skills and experience provide a strong foundation for the team's offensive strategy.

2. Solid Defensive Lineup: The retention of defenders Nitesh Kumar, Sumit, and Ashu Singh bolsters the defensive unit. Nitesh Kumar, in particular, is known for his exceptional skills in the right corner, making it difficult for opponents to score raid points.

3. Young Talent: The Yoddhas have retained and acquired promising young players, such as Surender Gill and Mahipal, who can bring fresh energy and agility to the team.



1. Limited Overseas Experience: While the team has acquired players from Kenya, Samuel Wafala and Helvic Wanjala, they may lack the experience required to adapt quickly to the PKL's high-intensity games. This could be a potential weakness in their roster.

2. Inexperienced All-Rounders: The team's all-rounders, including Samuel Wafala, Nitin Pawar, and Gurdeep, may face a learning curve in adapting to the varied demands of offence and defence in kabaddi.


1. Strategic Player Acquisitions: The addition of experienced players like Vijay Malik, an all-rounder, could provide the team with a versatile edge. His ability to contribute in both attack and defence could be a game-changer.

2. Youth Development: The inclusion of promising young talents in the form of Shivam Chaudhary and others offers a unique opportunity for long-term growth and building a team for the future.


1. Strong Opposition: The PKL features strong teams with skilled players, and the UP Yoddhas will face tough competition from franchises like the Patna Pirates, Bengaluru Bulls, and Dabang Delhi. Adapting to different playing styles and strategies will be a challenge.

2. International Player Adaptation: The effectiveness of international players, Samuel Wafala and Helvic Wanjala will depend on how quickly they can adapt to the unique challenges of the PKL.


The UP Yoddhas enter PKL Season 10 with a mix of experience and youth, providing a strong foundation. The team's success will depend on how well they can leverage their strengths, address their weaknesses, seize opportunities, and navigate the challenges posed by formidable opponents.

Full Squad of UP Yoddhas for PKL 10

Vijay Malik, Gurdeep, Nitin Panwar, Kiran Laxman Magar, Harendra Kumar, Gulveer Singh, Helvic Simuyu Wanjala, Samuel Wanjala Wafula, Pardeep Narwal, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit, Surender Gill, Ashu Singh, Anil Kumar, Mahipal, Hitesh, Gagana Gowda HR, and Shivam Chaudhary.