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Bengaluru Bulls vs U Mumba | PKL 8 | Match 1 | Match Report

Bengaluru Bulls lost to U Mumba with 30-46 in the 1st match of Pro Kabaddi Season 8. The best raider of the match for U Mumba was Abhishek Singh. He was ably supported by Harendra Kumar. Chandran Ranjit's efforts went in vain tonight.

U Mumba were behind in the raiding department at the scoring 26 to Bengaluru Bulls's 27. When it came to tackling U Mumba scored 13 points to Bengaluru Bulls's 3 points. They cleaned up the opposition into 3 All-Outs.

PKL8 Match 1 Summary

Key Moments in the Match

Raid 1 What a start to PKL8 for U Mumba - taking out Pawan Kumar Sehrawat!
Raid 9 U Mumba coming into this game looking like a well coordinated unit. Especially their defense.
Raid 13 Ashish Sangwan, Pawan's teammate from Bulls PKL7 team has just applied brakes with a brilliant double thigh hold
Raid 14 It is tough to believe, but U Mumba has just sent Bulls into an All-Out.
Raid 19 Chandran Ranjit slowly pulling things back for the Bulls while Pawan finds his element
Raid 22 Too many mistakes by the Bulls defense
Raid 23 Chandran Ranjit is doing a Pawan here.
Raid 25 This just isn't working for Rinku Hari, Fazel Atrachali. He tries to be clever but it backfires as Pawan K Sehrawat gets an easy touch off him and gets the point.
Raid 27 Super Raid! Chandran Ranjit picks up 3 points on a raid.
Raid 29 Pawan K Sehrawat gets his man! He's been targeting V. Ajith Kumar for a while now and finally gets him out with a smart Hand Touch.
Raid 30 Super Raid! Abhishek Singh raids successfully, gets Saurabh Nandal, Aman, More G B out in addition to a bonus point.
Raid 35 TAKEN OUT! Rinku Hari strikes once again and it's the big man Chandran Ranjit who's taken out.
Raid 36 At HALF-TIME, U Mumba are looking like the better team with Abhishek Singh delivering 13 low risk points in just 13 raids against the over eager Bulls defense. Pawan Sehrawat has scored 7 points, low by his usual standards and Chandran Ranjith with 9 points. Harendra Kumar and Rinku of K7 fame are delivering for the Mumba defense.
Raid 37 This just isn't working for Pawan K Sehrawat. He tries to be clever but it backfires as Abhishek Singh gets an easy touch off him and gets the point.
Raid 38 Ashish Sangwan looking a decade younger in Mumba colors
Raid 43 First time today that abhishek singh has been tackled. Can the bulls follow through on this and get the game back in their favor
Raid 50 Finally. Ashish has proved to be Pawan's nemesis today. But Pawan gets one back.
Raid 53 Abhishek Singh pockets a bonus point.
Raid 54 What a debut tackle for Rahul Sethpal.. First raid on mat and he takes out MVP of the season Pawan Sehrawat
Raid 56 This is the power of having two top class raiders, so even when pawan isnt' firing - Chandran is keeping his team in the hunt.
Raid 59 Mayur Kadam has to be the man of the match, if bulls manage to win this. Has tackled out Abhishek both the times they managed it. Key moment?
Raid 60 Pawan hasn't looked dominant today at all, and was struggling even at this time with three key defenders on mat. if Pawan cannot convert this all out , there is no way the bulls can come back into this game.
Raid 62 This could be Fazel first point of the day, but his value to the team is not measured only in points scored. They way he has supported his defense everytime it mattered. And the way he has stayed on mat has ensured that the all out never really pushed back u mumba. CAPTAINCY at its best.
Raid 63 A tough time for bulls. They need to attack the raiders. But did they attack a tad too soon?
Raid 64 Although he has taken out Rinku now. Rinku one of the star players in the K7 and who plys his trade for Chandigarh has made a fantastic debut into the PKL.
Raid 67 Abhishek Singh gets his man! He's been targeting Saurabh Nandal for a while now and finally gets him out with a smart Hand Touch.
Raid 68 Ranjith was claiming that he had stepped into the lobby and the defenders followed him. But without any reviews this wasn't a claim entertained by the referees.
Raid 69 Abhishek Singh eliminates Aman with a Hand Touch.
Raid 70 Ashish showing his previous team, what they are missing today. But to be fair to the bulls, their replacement for Ashish is the only defender who has covered himself in glory.
Raid 75 What a leap that was from Abhishek Singh!


Top Players
Best Raider: Abhishek Singh
Best DefenderHarendra Kumar