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Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi KC | Match 128 | PKL 8 News, Score, Result, Moments

Telugu Titans lost to Dabang Delhi KC 32-40 in the 128th match of Pro Kabaddi Season 8. The most effective player of the match for the Dabang Delhi KC was Vijay. He was ably supported by Neeraj Narwal. Ankit Beniwal's efforts went in vain tonight.

PKL 8 Match 128 Summary

Coach Dr. Krishan Hooda will be delighted with this win as it takes his team to the 2nd spot on the points table with 75 points. This loss leaves Telugu Titans in the 12th spot with 27 points.

Dabang Delhi KC were behind in the raiding department scoring 19 points to Telugu Titans's 21. When it came to tackling Dabang Delhi KC scored 15 points to Telugu Titans's 9 points. Dabang Delhi KC cleaned up the opposition into 2 All-Outs. And that made all the difference.

The mainstay of the Dabang Delhi KC was Joginder Narwal staying on the mat for 89% of the raids and scoring 2 points.

Dabang Delhi KC led right from the word go with their lead going as high as 8 points in the 33rd raid. At half-time, they led by 5 and easily wrapped up the match with a score difference of 8. As a result, Dabang Delhi KC took home 5 points from the match without sparing a single point to their opponents.

Dabang Delhi KC were simply superior in the raiding department led by Vijay

Vijay scored 6 raid points and he was supported by Neeraj Narwal with 5 points. Vijay kept picking points to keep the Telugu Titans at bay.
Ankit Beniwal delivered for the Telugu Titans with 9 points, but it was not sufficient on the day against the Dabang Delhi KC. Telugu Titans scored a total of 21 raid points and their raiders were tackled 16 times.

Key Moments in the Match

Raid 1 TT 0 - 1 DD   Ankit Beniwal (TT) It's Joginder Narwal again as he takes Ankit Beniwal off his feet and pummels him to the ground.
Raid 8 TT 2 - 3 DD   Vijay (DD) Perfect team play, the defense ushers the raider Vijay out of the mat. Raider however pinches a bonus.
Raid 17 TT 6 - 8 DD   Adarsh T (TT) Adarsh T tries to wriggle out of the centre, but is stopped by Ashu Malik, Manjeet Chhillar, Vijay. Super Tackle!
Raid 27 TT 9 - 11 DD   Adarsh T (TT) Two points to Adarsh T! The muscular raider just can't be stopped tonight.
Raid 32 TT 9 - 15 DD   Ashu Malik (DD) Ashu Malik muscles his way past Muhammed Shihas, Akash Choudhary and picks up the point of the game.
Raid 33 TT 10 - 18 DD   G Raju (TT) Sandeep Narwal, Jeeva Kumar, Manjeet trap raider G Raju, after he pinched a bonus point.
Raid 51 TT 14 - 24 DD   Adarsh T (TT) Adarsh T thrown out of lobby by Dabang Delhi KC defense, Joginder Narwal manages to stay inside the line and saves a point.
Raid 59 TT 18 - 27 DD   G Raju (TT) Perfect team play, the defense ushers the raider G Raju out of the mat. Raider however pinches a bonus.
Raid 60 TT 20 - 27 DD   Manjeet (DD) Super Tackle for Telugu Titans. Manjeet tries to leap over Muhammed Shihas, Akash Choudhary, who latches onto the raider's foot to win two points for his team. Invaluable!
Raid 64 TT 21 - 29 DD   Neeraj Narwal (DD) Neeraj Narwal locks horns with Akash Choudhary, Muhammed Shihas, but manages to get across the line.
Raid 67 TT 23 - 33 DD   C. Arun (TT) Neeraj Narwal, Sandeep Narwal, Manjeet, Balram trap raider C. Arun, after he pinched a bonus point.
Raid 71 TT 26 - 34 DD   Ankit Beniwal (TT) Ankit Beniwal gets 2 points, a bonus and a touch point.