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PKL 10: Sonu Jaglan shines as Gujarat Giants wins third match in a Row after beating U Mumba in Ahmedabad Leg

In hindsight, a compelling contest unfolded between two competitive teams, where pivotal moments defined the course of the match. The dismissal of Akram and the subsequent bonus point secured by Guman proved to be a turning point that significantly tilted the game in favor of U Mumba. Meanwhile, in a defensive maneuver, Rohit Gulia was caught, allowing Rakesh to capitalize on the opportunity and execute a successful raid, breaching the opponent's defenses.

Sonu Narwal showcased his offensive prowess by infiltrating the U Mumba defense, yet Rakesh's consistent point-scoring efforts for Giants kept the match finely balanced. Despite Fazel Atrachali and Sonu's commendable attempts to contribute points for their team, their endeavors fell short in making a significant impact. As the clock ticked towards the end of the first half, the scoreline stood at 12-10 in favor of U Mumba, setting the stage for a thrilling second half.

This particular match held special significance as Fazel Atrachali marked his 100th Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) appearance. Rakesh continued to dominate the proceedings, accumulating a total of six raid points, thereby solidifying his pivotal role in the unfolding narrative. The scoreboard reflected a narrow margin, with U Mumba leading at 13-11, showcasing the evenly contested nature of the game. Visvath's valiant efforts to contribute to U Mumba's score captured the essence of the intense battle on the mat.


A critical juncture arose with a do-or-die raid executed by Sonu, which unfortunately did not swing in favor of Giants. U Mumba seized the opportunity and executed a super tackle, further extending their lead. Saurabh Gulia found himself repeating a crucial mistake, adding to the challenges faced by Giants in retrospect to U Mumba's strategic maneuvers. Fazel Atrachali, in his milestone 100th PKL match, demonstrated resilience by securing a raid point, culminating in a halftime scoreline of 18-16 in favor of U Mumba. The stage was set for a riveting second half, promising continued intensity and strategic maneuvers on the kabaddi mat.

The commencement of the second half witnessed an exemplary display of game strategy by the Gujarat Giants, with Jaglan showcasing his prowess by outsmarting opponents and securing a crucial two points. The scoreline reflected this momentum shift, standing at 20-18 in favor of Gujarat. As the match progressed, the last three minutes of the second quarter saw Gujarat Giants further solidify their lead, reaching an impressive 26-20 on the scorecard.

Despite Zafar Danish's attempt at a running hand touch, the Mumbai team found themselves trailing behind Gujarat, with the score extending to 27-20 in favor of the Giants. Noteworthy is Gujarat's commendable performance in the ongoing season, amassing a total of 32 tackle points, showcasing their defensive prowess. By the conclusion of the second time-out, Gujarat continued to surge ahead, maintaining a substantial lead at 30-22.

This season has witnessed Gujarat Giants consistently delivering strong performances, and their adept scoring of tackle points further underscores their strategic acumen on the kabaddi mat. The team's lead, evident in the scoreline, reflects the effectiveness of their gameplay and the challenges faced by the Mumbai contingent in narrowing the deficit. As the match unfolded, Gujarat Giants continued to dominate, setting the stage for an intriguing conclusion and affirming their position as formidable contenders in the ongoing season.

As the final moments of the match unfolded, Guman Singh added another point to his tally, bringing his score to 11, and the scoreline reflected a narrow gap, with the difference between the sides standing at 25-30. However, Sonu Jaglan, in a do-or-die raid, was unable to capitalize, resulting in a point favoring U Mumba.


In the critical last five minutes of the game, Rohit embarked on a raid, only to face a formidable tackle executed by the U Mumba defense, led by Rakesh. Despite the resistance, Rohit managed to secure two points before a substitution took place, leaving the score at 33-28 in favor of U Mumba.

The tension heightened as the match reached its climax, with Gujarat making a strategic move by scoring a bonus point, equalizing the score at 33-30. In a dramatic turn of events, the Gujarat Giants secured an additional point, bringing the scores level at 34-all. Sonu Jaglan then showcased his prowess by scoring yet another point for Gujarat through a running hand touch, elevating their score to 35 in response to U Mumba's 34. These pivotal moments underscored the intensity and competitiveness of the match, setting the stage for a riveting conclusion.

Sonu Jaglan impressive performance earned him another Super 10 for his side and edged Giants with 3 points lead with the score was 39-37 in favor of Gujarat and earned him 3rd victory of this marquee event.