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Pro Kabaddi League 2023: SWOT Analysis of Ashan Kumar led Tamil Thalaivas  

Tamil Thalaivas were all over the news in 2022 when they bought Indian national team's Captain Pawan Sehrawat for INR 2.26 Crores, making the Haryana born Raider the most expensive player ever. However, when the season began, something unexpected awaited for Tamil Thalaivas.

Their record signing got injured in the very first match and Pawan was stretched off the mat and was eventually ruled out of the entire season. But guess what, Tamil Thalaivas still managed to reach the play-offs and finished 5th in the points table. And that happened because the Thalaivas management had built a decent team around Pawan. 


Players like Narender Kandola and Ajinkya Pawar stood up in Pawan's absence but it wasn't enough for Thalaivas to enter the Finale. After last year's disappointment, Ashan Kumar and Co. sat at the Auction table and bought 7 players, making themselves a 21-man squad. 

If you're here you must be curious to know if they have done well enough or not and that is why Kabaddi Adda is doing the SWOT analysis of Tamil Thalaivas.


The Tamil Thalaivas' core strength lies in their talented homegrown raiders, many of whom have been retained from the previous season. These retained raiders, who performed admirably in Season 9, include players like Narender Kandola, Ajinkya Pawar and Himanshu Narwal.

Their experience and scoring abilities make them formidable opponents. Furthermore, the new raiders, Satish Kannan, Masanamuthu Lakshanan, Selvamani K, Ritik and Himanshu Singh are technically able and exceptional players. Their skill sets, combined with the seasoned campaigners, offer a well-rounded raiding department.


Notably, the team's defense is robust. With strong defenders like Amirhossein Bastami, Mohammadreza Kaboudrahangi, Sagar, Sahil Gulia and M Abhishek among others in their ranks, the Thalaivas can withstand even the most aggressive attacks.

Their combination of corner and cover defenders forms a cohesive unit that can disrupt the opponent's strategies and ensure that their raiders have a solid platform to build upon.


One of the key weaknesses for the Tamil Thalaivas has been their inconsistency. While they have brilliant raiders, they tend to have off-days where the raiding department struggles to accumulate points. This inconsistency could be attributed to over-dependence on a few star players, which can prove detrimental if those players are having an off day.

Another vulnerability is their lack of a proven all-rounder. A versatile all-rounder who can contribute both in attack and defense is an asset in PKL. The Thalaivas only have 1 all-rounder Ritik, someone who has never played in Pro Kabaddi League ever before. 


PKL Season 10 presents a significant opportunity for the Tamil Thalaivas to rise as serious title contenders. They have a dynamic squad with seasoned raiders and solid defenders, and if they can maintain consistency, they have a good shot at winning the championship.

The opportunity to develop emerging talents within the team is also noteworthy. By nurturing young players and providing them with exposure in the league, the Thalaivas can build a strong future core for the franchise.


Competition in PKL is fierce, with several franchises strengthening their squads every season. The Thalaivas need to be wary of these threats from rival teams who may have strategies to counter their strengths.

Injuries can also pose a significant threat. A key player getting injured during the season can disrupt the team's rhythm and performance just like Pawan Sehrawat last year.