Kabaddi Adda

What process Kabaddi Players need to follow while taking loan from Revfin?

Securing a loan from Revfin for Kabaddi players involves a systematic process that requires careful navigation. To initiate the application procedure, players should begin by thoroughly researching the eligibility criteria and documentation requirements set forth by Revfin. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the prerequisites and facilitates a smoother application process.

Let us share the entire thing which you need to keep in mind in detail: 

Competitive Interest Rates for Borrowers

Offering competitive interest rates, ensuring that Kabaddi players and customers benefit from cost-effective loan solutions aligned with their financial goals.

User-Friendly Mobile Application for Loan Management

Introducing a user-friendly mobile application that enables Kabaddi players and customers to manage their loans conveniently, providing real-time updates and account management capabilities.

Financial Literacy Programs for Borrowers

Implementing educational initiatives to enhance financial literacy among Kabaddi players and customers, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their loans.

Customizable Repayment Plans

Providing flexibility through customizable repayment plans, allowing borrowers to tailor their payment schedules based on individual financial situations and cash flows.

Collaboration with Kabaddi Associations for Outreach

Collaborating with Kabaddi associations to expand outreach efforts, ensuring that players are aware of and can easily access RevFin's financial services.

Continuous Product Enhancements Based on Customer Feedback

Committing to an iterative approach by actively seeking and incorporating customer feedback, ensuring that RevFin's loan products evolve to meet the changing needs of Kabaddi players and customers.

Financial Wellness Workshops for Kabaddi Players

Organizing financial wellness workshops and seminars to educate Kabaddi players on effective money management and investment strategies, promoting long-term financial well-being.

Ethical and Responsible Lending Practices

Upholding high ethical standards in lending practices, prioritizing responsible financial solutions that align with the best interests of Kabaddi players and customers.


Revfin is currently operational in 19 states, spanning across 500 cities and collaborating with 1000 dealerships, making a substantial impact on 11.2 million livelihoods.

In our commitment to sustainable mobility, we've successfully financed 35,000 electric vehicles. These eco-friendly vehicles have covered over 775 million kilometers, contributing to a significant reduction of 69,800 tons of CO2 emissions.