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Bhiwani, Sonipat and Rohtak win by big Margins on Day 1 of The Haryana Junior State Championship!


Haryana Junior State Championship
Junior State Championship of Haryana underway at Sonipat

Haryana Junior State Championship went underway in Sonipat on 27/2/2021. This Tournament is an selection tournament where the Haryana team for the 47th Junior Nationals will be selected. 47th Junior Nationals is scheduled from 22nd March to 25th March in Suryapet, Telangana.

Day 1 of the tournament saw 14 matches in the Boys section and 10 matches in the Girls section. Bhiwani, Sonipat and Rohtak saw big wins against Sirsa, Yamunanagar and Fatehbad respectively in the Boys section. In the girls section Sonipat, Panipat and Rohtak won with huge score differences against Gurugram, Rewari and Mahendragarh respectively. 

Below are the results from Day 1:

Boys Section

  1. Bhiwani vs Sirsa: 36-7
  2. Panipat vs Ambala: 39-12
  3. Krukshetra vs Jind: 26-34
  4. Charki Dadri vs Karnal: 29-43
  5. Rewari vs Faridabad: 10-33
  6. Jhajjar vs Gurugram: 41-35
  7. Sonipat vs Yamunanagar: 50-34
  8. Panchkula vs Hisar: 17-28
  9. Kaithal vs Mahendragarh: 42-15
  10. Rohtak vs Fatehbad: 34-12
  11. Palwal vs Jind: 21-36
  12. Panipat vs Bhiwani: 21-28
  13. Faridabad vs Jhajjar: 30-27

Girls Section:

  1. Mahendragarh vs Rohtak: 6-52
  2. Hissar vs Panchkula: 40-17
  3. Karnal vs Faridabad: 24-8
  4. Jhajjar vs Ambala: 24-10
  5. Sonipat vs Gurugram: 57-18
  6. Panipat vs Rewari: 57-18
  7. Mewat vs Kaithal: 30-23
  8. Rohtak vs Jhajjar: 24-20
  9. Fatehbad vs Bhiwani: 7-28
  10. Sirsa vs Charki Dadri: 5-26

Day 2 of the tournament which is set to happen on 28/2/2021 will have the knockout matches of the Haryana Junior State Championships.

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