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History of Junior Nationals Kabaddi Tournament

The 46th Junior Nationals Kabaddi Championship will kick off in Rohtak from 13th February. 

Junior Nationals Tournament is in its 46th year. Till Prokabaddi League launched in 2014, Junior Nationals was the 2nd most important tournament in Kabaddi after Senior Nationals. All Indian states and SAI send teams to Junior Nationals. It is the nurturing ground for young players to move from local tournament to the national league. Sachin Tanwar and Naveen Goyat were finds from Junior Nationals.

The tournament was till recently played on clay, often with makeshift stands for the audience. But often no seat goes empty in these stands. 

45th Junior Nationals Kabaddi was won by Chandigarh by 9 points against Uttar Pradesh. 

History of the Junior Nationals Kabaddi Championship


History of Junior Nationals Kabaddi Boys
History of Junior Nationals Kabaddi Boys

For the past 5 years, SAI has won every Junior Nationals Boys tournament. SAI supremacy has to be credited to their willingness to innovate their teaching methods and course methodology. Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and UP have also put up some credible performances. From the South, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have a few podium finishes.  

History of Junior Nationals Girls
History of Junior Nationals Kabaddi Girls

SAI is making its presence felt in Junior Nationals Girls winning the last two seasons. Haryana is a another force to reckon with in Junior Nationals. 

The competitive nature of the sport is only getting more intense with possibility of players breaking into PKL. Follow Junior Nationals Live