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Gujarat Giants Snatch Victory from Tamil Thalaivas' Grasp, Thrilling Finish Ends Chennai Leg

The SDAT Multipurpose Indoor Stadium in Chennai became witness to a dramatic finale to the Chennai leg of PKL Season 10 tonight, as the Gujarat Giants edged past the Tamil Thalaivas by a nail-biting 33-30 scoreline. In a match that went down to the wire, Parteek Dahiya emerged as the unlikely hero for the Giants, his crucial four-point super raid in the dying moments proving to be the difference between victory and defeat.

The Thalaivas, desperate to secure their first win on home soil, started brightly. Ajinkya Pawar, their star raider, tormented the Giants' defence early on, even managing to dismiss captain Fazel Atrachali on three separate occasions. The home crowd roared with every point, their hopes for a fairytale ending rising with each successful raid.

However, the Giants refused to roll over. The Iranian duo of Mohammad Nabibakhsh and Fazel Atrachali provided much-needed solidity in defence, while Rakesh and Parteek Dahiya chipped in with valuable points on the offensive front. The scoreline remained neck-and-neck throughout the first half, with neither team able to break away for a substantial lead.

The second half began with the same intensity, with both sides exchanging points and do-or-die raids. Ajinkya continued to be a thorn in the Giants' side, but the visitors responded with grit and determination. A super tackle on Ajinkya followed by an all-out on Narender swung the momentum in the Giants' favor.


With just minutes remaining, the scoreline stood at 29-27 in the Giants' favour. Enter Parteek Dahiya, the unlikely hero of the night. Sent in for a do-or-die raid, he single-handedly decimated the Thalaivas' defence, touching down thrice and even earning a bonus point to complete a remarkable four-point super raid. This decisive stroke put the Giants in the driver's seat, leaving the Thalaivas stunned and their fans heartbroken.

Despite a valiant effort from the Thalaivas in the final seconds, the gap was too big to bridge. The final whistle blew on a game that showcased the raw passion and drama of kabaddi, and while the Giants celebrated their thrilling victory, the Thalaivas were left to ponder what could have been.

Best Performers:

  • Parteek Dahiya (Gujarat Giants): The unlikely hero of the night, his four-point super raid in the dying moments proved to be the match-winner.
  • Ajinkya Pawar (Tamil Thalaivas): A thorn in the Giants' side throughout, Ajinkya's relentless raiding kept the Thalaivas in the hunt.
  • Fazel Atrachali (Gujarat Giants): Provided defensive stability and chipped in with crucial tackle points.
  • Mohammad Nabibakhsh (Gujarat Giants): His strong tackles and presence in defense were key to the Giants' success.

Match Flow:

  • The Thalaivas started strong, with Ajinkya Pawar leading the charge.
  • The Giants fought back, with Fazel Atrachali and Mohammad Nabibakhsh providing defensive solidity.
  • The scoreline remained close throughout the first half, neither team able to establish a significant lead.
  • The second half saw both teams exchange points and do-or-die raids.
  • Parteek Dahiya's four-point super raid in the closing minutes proved to be the decisive moment.
  • Despite a late push from the Thalaivas, the Giants held on to win by a narrow margin.

The final match of the Chennai leg was more than just a contest for five points. It was a battle between hometown heroes and seasoned veterans, a tale of hope and heartbreak. While the Giants celebrated their victory, the Thalaivas and their fans were left to contemplate what might have been had a few crucial moments gone differently. This match served as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of kabaddi, where the tide can turn in an instant.

As the curtain falls on the Chennai leg, the Pro Kabaddi caravan moves on, leaving behind a trail of thrilling matches, stunning performances, and unforgettable moments. The Giants, buoyed by their victory, will look to carry their momentum into the next leg, while the Thalaivas will aim to regroup and bounce back stronger.