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Jaipur Pink Panthers Pounce Back, Plays Thrilling Draw in Chennai as Naveen's Injury Jolts Dabang Delhi

The SDAT Multipurpose Indoor Stadium in Chennai witnessed a heart-stopping draw tonight as the Jaipur Pink Panthers roared back from a 13-point deficit to hold Dabang Delhi to a 32-32 stalemate. In a match marked by stellar performances, stunning comebacks, and a heartbreaking injury, it was ultimately the indomitable spirit of both teams that stole the show.

The early minutes belonged to Dabang Delhi. Naveen Kumar, despite sporting a heavily bandaged left arm from a previous injury, seemed unstoppable, effortlessly slicing through the Jaipur defense and racking up points. Delhi built a seemingly insurmountable 13-point lead, leaving the Panthers reeling.

But Arjun Deshwal, the Panthers' talisman, had other plans. His relentless raids, coupled with some crucial do-or-die escapes, brought Jaipur back into the game. Ankush, their defensive stalwart, stepped up with timely tackles, further chipping away at Delhi's lead.


With the momentum shifting, the second half became a nail-biting affair. Every point earned was met with thunderous cheers from the audience, every tackle celebrated with joyous chants. Meetu, Naveen's replacement in the Delhi attack, put up a valiant fight, but it wasn't enough to quell the Panthers' rising tide.

The drama reached its peak in the closing minutes. With scores tied at 32, both teams had a chance to clinch the victory. But nerves seemed to get the better of both raiders, resulting in two consecutive do-or-die misses. As the final whistle blew, a mix of relief and disappointment filled the air, both teams having fought tooth and nail but ultimately settling for a share of the spoils.

Best Performers:

  • Arjun Deshwal (Jaipur): The Panthers' star led by example, scoring 13 points and inspiring his team's comeback with his fearless raids.
  • Ankush (Jaipur- 7 Tackle Points): An impenetrable wall in defence, Ankush's timely tackles were instrumental in stopping Delhi's early momentum.
  • Naveen Kumar (Delhi): Despite his injury, Naveen displayed exceptional skill and grit, scoring 4 points before his unfortunate departure.
  • Ashu (Delhi): Stepping into the shoes of the injured Naveen, Ashu put up a commendable performance, scoring 7 points and keeping Delhi in the hunt.

Match Flow:

  • Dabang Delhi started strong, fueled by Naveen's early raids and building a comfortable 13-point lead.
  • Jaipur slowly clawed their way back, with Arjun Deshwal leading the charge and Ashish tightening the defense.
  • The second half was a tense affair, with both teams exchanging points and missed do-or-die raids.
  • The final minutes were edge-of-the-seat stuff, with the score tied at 32 and both teams unable to capitalize on their do-or-die chances.
  • The match ended in a thrilling draw, a testament to the fighting spirit and resilience of both teams.

This match was much more than just a draw. It was a story of resilience in the face of adversity, of fighting spirit against all odds. Naveen's injury, a significant blow to Delhi, cast a shadow over the game, but it also served as a reminder of the power of sportsmanship and camaraderie. As both teams shook hands and congratulated each other after the final whistle, the true spirit of Pro Kabaddi shone through.

This draw keeps both teams' championship hopes alive, promising even more captivating matches in the weeks to come. Whether the Panthers can maintain their momentum or Delhi can overcome their injuries and roar back, one thing is certain: the Pro Kabaddi arena is set for an exhilarating ride filled with thrills, spills, and nail-biting finishes.