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Pro Kabaddi League: Top 5 Most Dominant Wins in History of PKL

In the action-packed world of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), thrilling encounters, and intense rivalries are the norm. The league has witnessed some jaw-dropping moments and record-breaking performances over the years. In this article, we take a closer look at the top 5 biggest wins in PKL history, where teams left an indelible mark with their dominance on the mat.

1. Bengaluru Bulls 64-24 UP Yoddhas

The Bengaluru Bulls set the PKL mat on fire in Season 5 when they clashed with UP Yoddhas. This encounter was nothing short of a spectacle. The Bengaluru Bulls, led by their captain Rohit Kumar, delivered a remarkable performance, securing a staggering 40-point lead over UP Yoddhas. Their 64-24 victory will forever be etched in PKL history as one of the most lopsided wins, showcasing the Bulls' formidable might.


2. Patna Pirates 69-30 Haryana Steelers

Season 7 of PKL witnessed a high-scoring clash between the Patna Pirates and Haryana Steelers, which left fans astounded. Patna Pirates, a team known for its aggressive style, showcased their offensive prowess, amassing an impressive 69 points. Haryana Steelers, on the other hand, struggled to keep up, managing 30 points. This 39-point win was a testament to Patna's dominance in Season 7.

3. Bengaluru Bulls 61-22 Dabangg Delhi

The Bengaluru Bulls made another appearance on this list in Season 8 when they faced Dabangg Delhi. They delivered yet another masterclass in kabaddi, defeating Dabangg Delhi by an astounding 39-point margin. The Bulls' raiders and defenders worked in perfect harmony, making it an unforgettable night for PKL fans.

4. Telugu Titans 60-24 Puneri Paltan

The Telugu Titans showcased their kabaddi prowess in Season 4 with an emphatic win over Puneri Paltan. This 36-point victory highlighted the Titans' all-around skills and team coordination. They left Puneri Paltan struggling to find answers as they cruised to a memorable win.


5. Patna Pirates 67-34 Dabangg Delhi 

The Patna Pirates make a second appearance on this list, this time in Season 3, where they faced Dabangg Delhi. This high-scoring thriller had fans on the edge of their seats. The Pirates' raiders and defenders combined seamlessly to secure a 33-point victory, demonstrating their dominance on the mat.

As we look ahead to the upcoming Pro Kabaddi League 2023 season, fans can't help but wonder if any team will manage to surpass these monumental victories. The PKL continues to grow, and records are meant to be broken. These moments, etched in PKL history, remind us of the sheer excitement and unpredictability that makes kabaddi one of the most thrilling sports in India.