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What are FBM and NYP in Pro Kabaddi League?

Ahead of the Pro Kabaddi League Auction, teams usually retain certain players and release several of them. However, releasing players doesn't mean that it is the end of the relationship between a franchise and the player. The franchise can still opt for the players after they are released ahead of the auction.

What is FBM?

A Final Bid Match (FBM) card allows franchises to opt for the players. This method has been a hit amongst the franchises as they were able to bring back players to their team without much hassle.

An IPL-like Right to match card was introduced in Pro Kabaddi League ahead of Season 6. Also known as the Final Bid Match Card, it can be used only twice during the Pro Kabaddi Auction. Also, it depends on the number of players retained by the particular team.

During the retention, if the team had retained their maximum quota of six elite players, then the Final To Match card cannot be used by the franchises as their full quota is already over. If a team has five elite players, they can use FBM once. Also, if the team has retained four players or less, the FBM card can be used twice. The franchises are allowed to use the FMB card only twice and not more than that. Final Bid Match helps the team and players to maintain a good relationship while making strategic decisions.

As the name indicates, during the auction, the franchises will be allowed to match the final bid for the players in the auction.

For example, if the player was released by the franchise ahead of the auction, he automatically entered the PKL auction with a base price. During the auction day, the player's name would be called up and will be auctioned. If some other teams opt for the player, before completing the bid, the auctioneer would ask the player's old franchise to match the final bid.

If the team responds yes, the player will be sold to his former franchise via an FBM card. The team will have to pay the final bid price for the player.

Sometimes, this will come in handy if the franchise wants to reduce the cost as well.

If the team does not want to use the FBM option, they must respond no, and the player will be sold to the new franchise.


What is NYP?

NYP is called New Young Players. Over the years, several young players have made an impact in kabaddi and become world stars due to this New Young Players category. Several current stars in the PKL did begin their career via the NYP category. This separate category will feature players who have not won a PKL cap.

In the recent past, the focus of the coaches and the management has shifted to the young and upcoming players in the country. The coaches are keeping a close eye on local state players who can bring in the glory for the franchises. Ahead of the auction, several young players would be called for trials but the franchise and they will choose the players from the trials. National championships and college-level tournaments have come in handy for the coaches to select the players who could fit right into their squad.

Based on this category, players from 18 years to 22 years are eligible to be a part of this group. There are two subcategories in the NYP. One is for New Young Players, who are coming in for the auction for the first time. Another category is Existing New Young Players (ENYP). A franchise is allowed to retain up to six New Young Players category stars ahead of the Pro Kabaddi League auction.