Day 3 Results of the 2020 Senior National Kabaddi Championships

Day 3 of the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship went underway at the Poornima University campus here in Jaipur. It was a crucial day for a lot of teams who were looking to book their place in the pre-quarters.

A total of 12 matches was played in the men's section where players like Pardeep Narwal, Naveen Kumar, Ajay Takhur, Rahul Choudhary, Ajith Kumar were seen in action for their respective teams who entertained the crowd. 

In the women's section, a total of 16 matches was played and teams like Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar were seen in action where teams were fighting it out to ensure their place in the pre-quaters. 

Here is the list of Results from Day 3 of Senior National Kabaddi Championships:

Men's Results

Match 33: Telangana vs Andra Pradesh (Group H): 51-17

Match 34: Services vs Punjab (Group B): 34-22

Match 35: Manipur vs Jammu and Kashmir (Group C): 32-40

Match 36: Goa vs Tamil Nadu (Group D): 24-52

Match 38: Chhatisgarh vs Madhya Pradesh (Group F): 26-45

Match 39: Rajasthan vs Uttarakhand (Group G): 55-27

Match 40: Bihar vs Telangana (Group H): 52-20

Match 41: Assam vs Kerala Court (Group B): 17-45

Match 42: Maharashtra vs Himachal Pradesh (Group C): 46-20

Match 43: Haryana vs Delhi (Group D): 42-30

Match 44: Uttar Pradesh vs Pondicherry (Group E): 12-19

Match 45: Karnataka vs Kerala (Group F): 56-39


Women's Results:

Match 22: Assam vs Tripura (Group C): 57-11

Match 26: Delhi vs Manipur (Group G): 68-22

Match 27: Punjab vs Jammu and Kashmir (Group H): 43-10

Match 28: Bihar vs Tripura (Group C): 43-9

Match 29: Himachal Pradesh vs Goa (Group D): 56-22

Match 30: Kerala vs Vidharbha (Group E): 23-44

Match 31: Telangana vs Karnataka (Group F): 22-40

Match 32: Manipur vs Madhya Pradesh (Group G): 23-46

Match 34: Tripura vs Andra Pradesh (Group C): 1-7

Match 35: Uttrakhand vs Goa (Group D): 32-39

Match 36: Vidharbha vs Chandigarh (Group E): 11-43

Match 37: Rajasthan vs Odisha (Group F): 48-15

Match 38: Delhi vs Uttar Pradesh (Group G): 25-28

Match 39: Punjab vs Chandigarh (Group H): 29-31

Match 40: Bihar vs Assam (Group C): 39-9

Match 41: Uttarakhand vs Himachal Pradesh (Group D): 10-42

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