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5 players who might lose some bucks at PKL after 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship performances

67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championships has concluded in Jaipur earlier this month with Indian Railways taking the crown. With the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 around the corner, this tournament saw a lot of Pro Kabaddi league franchisees who were present in Jaipur to witness the performance of players  which will help them make choices going forward. The quality of Kabaddi was top notch as country's best Kabaddi players were seen in action.

Let us go back and see who are those well-established players who missed out to make it count and were not at their best during the tournament which might lead to dip in their price in the upcoming season of PKL.

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Rahul Chaudhari: Uttar Pradesh, Auction price: 94 Lakhs

The Show-Man was seen in action for Uttar Pradesh during the 67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championships, but his performance did not reflect on the mat as he had a tournament to forget. Uttar Pradesh had a decent campaign till they bowed out in the semi-finals against Services who went on to become the runners up of the tournament. The star Raider did not get going in the tournament at all as he scored only 37 points in 77 raids he went for and this would have come as a disappointment for his fans and audience. His only super 10 of the tournament came against the Services in the important semis encounter, leaving that game Rahul struggled to get going and it was visible on how he was moving on the mat. Against Tamil Nadu in an important pre-quarter clash he was able to score only 7 points in 18 raids, similarly against Bihar in the QF he again struggled to get going and scored 8 points in 18 raids.

Rahul Chaudhari in action during the 67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championships

It has been a tough few months for Rahul after a poor outing in the PKL 7 and not able to find his mojo in the nationals might lead to dip in his price in the upcoming Pro Kabaddi League Auctions. 


Ajay Thakur: Himachal Pradesh, Auction price: 84 Lakhs

The Ice-Man from Himachal Pradesh had a tough going in the tournament as he kept himself away from Raiding where he scored only five raid points in eleven raids he went for. Himachal Pradesh did not have good raiders in their squad and was expecting Ajay to do the job but it was not the case for them, though they made it to the knock-outs of the tournament it was their defense that worked in most of the games. Ajay Thakur looked off in his game but one thing for sure was that he was leading his team very well but his game had a big question mark, he has been having a tough few months now from a disastrous PKL campaign with the Tamil Thalaivas to a tough senior national campaign sums up his struggle to find form.

Ajay Thakur leading his team during a game

This 67th Senior National Kabaddi championship was one tournament where the Ajay must have been expecting to make a come-back but it was not the case as we can expect his price to down in the upcoming auctions.


Sandeep Narwal: Haryana, Auction price: 89 Lakhs

Famously known as the Beast in the Kabaddi circuit Sandeep Narwal was seen in action for the Haryana team in the 67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi championships. He did not have the best of the tournaments as he was able to score only eleven tackle points in twenty-three tackles attempted and in the raiding department he scored eighteen raid points in forty-three raids he went for. 

Haryana's defense was counting on Sandeep Narwal to fire but it was the case as they looked weak in all the games they played. In the first game against Tamil Nadu Sandeep was able to score only two tackle points in six tackles he put and managed to get only four raid points in eleven raids as Haryana lost the first game of the tournament. In the quarterfinals against Indian Railways, Sandeep was the key for Haryana to stop strong raiding of Indian Railways but it was not the case as he managed to score only one tackle point in four tackles and five raid points in ten raid attempts which led to Haryana's exit in the tournament. 

Sandeep Narwal during an tackle against Indian railways

Sandeep Narwal did not have a tournament to remember and this being the last recognized tournament before the Pro Kabaddi League Auctions it will be interesting to see what happens to his auction price. 


Shrikant Jadhav: Indian Railways, Auction price: 68 Lakhs

UP Yodha's lead raider Shrikant Jadhav was named in the star-studded Indian Railways squad for the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championships where he was the substitute raider in the team who did not start in all games but was featured in few games but he did not have a good time in the mat where often he was seen getting tackled and struggling to get going. After a decent PKL season 7 and a very good Inter Railways tournament, Shrikanth was seen in good form but he could not emulate that form into the Senior Nationals which will dent his confidence and also some bucks earned in the PKL auctions

Shrikant Jadhav only managed to score nine raid points in twenty-two raids which is not a convincing number at all for a player of that stature. He positively started the tournament by scoring four points in five raids against Jharkhand. Post that game it was all downhill for the star raider as he struggled to make use of the chance he got and kept getting out and eventually did not get any chance post the Quarter Finals of the tournament. In a game against Gujarat, he featured for most of the game but the Gujarat defense made Jadhav look like a raider with no plans as he kept getting tackled, he ended the game with five points in nine raids where he got four times.

Shrikant Jadhav
Shrikant Jadhav getting caught during a raid

Overall it was not a memorable tournament for Jadhav and this will for sure affect his price in the upcoming PKL auctions. 


Prashant Kumar Rai: Karnataka, Auction price: 77 Lakhs

Prashant Kumar Rai showed us that he is special during the PKL 7 when he was in action for the Haryana Steelers where he made use of the limited opportunities he got. In the 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championships, he was part of the Karnataka team but he did not have a great campaign as he scored only twenty-six points in fifty-three raids and was looking out of touch and form. For Karnataka, he was one of the lead raiders coming into this tournament but it was seen that Sukesh Hegde and Prathap were doing most of the raiding. 

In the first game of the tournament for Karnataka against Madhya Pradesh, Rai was able to score only four points in thirteen raids. Going forward his performance was inconsistent, in the game against Chhattisgarh he had a very good game where he scored eleven points in eight riads but in the next game against Kerala he was able to score only three points in eleven raids, so this was a major issue for Karnataka as well as Rai. Karnataka did make it to the quarterfinals of the tournament where they faced off against a strong Services team and lot was expected from Prashant Kumar Rai but it did not go that way as he never got going and was able to score only two points in eight raids he put and it was a sad end for Karnataka and Rai at the senior nationals.

Prashant Kumar Rai
Prashanth Kumar Rai trying to escape during a raid

After a good PKL season, Prashanth Kumar Rai would have expected to do well here to impress franchises but it did not go that well for him and this might have an effect on his price at the PKL auctions this year.

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