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Karnataka beats Himachal to enter to the quarter final of 67th Senior National Kabaddi

67th Senior Nationals Men - Pre-Quarter Final - Himachal Pradesh v/s Karnataka

Karnataka won the toss and selected choice of court. Ajay Takur didn't play this match also. Vishal Bharadwaj was leading the Himachal team where Prashant Kumar Rai led the Karnataka team.

Ram Gopal of Himachal started the match with an unsuccesful raid, Santhosh BS caught him. Himachal inflicted the first all out of the match by catching Mallikarjun, score 12-6 in favour of Himachal.

First half ended with a empty raid of Vishal Bharadwaj and score was 17-12 in favour of Himachal Pradesh.


Karnataka vs Himachal match image 1

Second half started with an empty raid by Sukesh Hegde. We could witness that Karnataka changed their strategy and it seemed working, Karnataka was keep on scoring points. Soon Karnataka inflicted all out to Himachal pradesh and the score was 20-21 in favour of Karnataka.

Karnataka vs Himachal match image 2

Sukesh Hegde and Prathap S got multi point raids in which they kicked 3 players each out from the mat and inflicted another all out. Score was 22-32 in favour of Karnataka.

Karnataka vs Himachal match image 3

At the end of the match, Karnataka won the match 14 points and final score were 27-41. Prathap S of Karnataka, who was a substitute got 8 points and Sukesh Hegde got 7 points. By winning this match Karnataka entered to the Quarter finals where they will play against Services.