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Day 2 of the Khelo Haryana Tournament 2021, Gurugram. Read on to know about the days complete update!

Day 2 of the Khelo Haryana Tournament which is being played in Gurugram had the remaining matches of round two and the quarterfinals of both Boys & Girls teams. We witnessed multiple matches which were completely dominated by few teams and on the other hand, there were few edge-of-the-seat thrillers.

Day 1 was an advent for new opportunities for young boys and girls and day 2 was a continuation of that with more excitement and drama as the race for the finals was on the head.

Round 02: Boys

Khelo Haryana Tounament

Match 8 - Day 2 kicked off with Rohtak shut shopping Mewat's challenge as Rohtak boys beat them with a scoreline of 37-7.

Match 9 - Hissar followed the same suit and completely dominated the proceedings against Gurugram as the final scoreline reads 39-19.

Match 10 - Panipat overcame the resistance put out by Kaithal with ease as they beat them by 10 points, with the scoreline reading 33-22.

Match 11 - A high-scoring match between Jind and Rewari saw Jind boys thumping Rewari with a scoreline of 43-32.

Match 12 - Kurukshetra yawned over the battle again Jhajjar as they cake walked with a scoreline of 46-13.

Match 13 - Palwal and Karnal played out the first thriller of the day and probably the match of the tournament as none of the team were ready to give an inch. At the blow of the final whistle, the match ended in a tie so both of them played a round of 05 Super-raids each and that also ended in a tie, sot the match officials decided to get a result out of the match through a golden raid where a coin was tossed to decide which team will get the only chance to raid and to end the suspense finally, Palwal boys held their nerves to raided out Karnal by 1 point (39-38).

Round 02: Girls

Khelo Haryana Tounament

Match 10: Gurugram girls eased past Rewari girls as they defeated them with the scoreline of 42-31.

Match 11: Bhiwani edges past Kaithal in a closely fought encounter as they beat them by 4 points (34-30).

Match 12: Fatehabad girls embarrassed Mewat girls as they did not allow Mewat to open their account and the final scoreline reads 18-0.

Match 13: In yet another one-sided encounter Karnal beat Jhajjar with a scoreline of 42-23.

Match 14: Sonipat played a demolition derby over Panipat as they beat them by a margin of 25 points (35-10).

Quarter Final: Boys

Khelo Haryana Tounament

Match 01: Rohtak became the first team to qualify for the semis as they defeated Hisar by a margin of 11 points (41-30).

Match 02: Panipat followed Rohtak's suit and walked past against Jind by a margin of 12 points (33-20).

Match 03: Jhajjar being the underdog gave a tough fight to the heavy-weights Sonipat in a thriller of an encounter where Sonipat just edged past Jhajjar by 1 point (36-35).

Match 04: Fatehabad booked the final seat on the bus to semis as they beat Palwal by a scoreline of 31-24.

Quarter Final: Girls

Khelo Haryana Tounament

Match 01: Hisar girls continued their dominant show as they defeated Gurgaon girls with a scoreline of 46-12.

Match 02: Bhiwani eased past Fatehabad as they beat them by 30 points with the final scoreline reading 51-21.

Match 03: Dadri girls beat Kurukshetra in a dominant fashion by 25 points (36-09).

Match 04: Karwal girls booked the final slot into the semis as they beat Sonipat by 15 points (47-32).

Tomorrow ( 29/08/2021) marks the final of the first-ever Khelo Haryana Tournament, below mentioned is the schedule for an exciting day of Kabaddi.



SF 1: Rohtak vs Panipat at 8:00 am

SF 2: Sonipat vs Fatehabad at 8:40 am


SF 1: Hisar vs Bhiwani at 8:00 am

SF 2: Dadri vs Karwal at 8:40 am

The final of this tournament will be played at 12:00 pm, stay tuned to Kabaddi Adaa for the complete update.