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Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy reigns supreme in an high scoring encounter !!

Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy vs Chhaju Ram Academy
Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy vs Chhaju Ram Academy (match snippets)

Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy, are quickly rising up the ranks in the tournament as they are now comfortably placed at number 2 in their pool, they are on a roll after defeating top teams in the tournament. Their confidence was high up coming into the match as they put up the highest points(71) in the league stage so far against Chhaju Ram Academy making this match the first 100+ pointer in the K7 Kabaddi StageUp 2021, the high scoring encounter turned out to be a one-sided encounter for the most part of the match as the final scoreline reads 71-40 in favor of Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy.

Chhaju Ram Academy came into this after a string of loses but with high confidence and their hopes were high as they managed to keep the score level midway into the first half against Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy, as the score line read 13-13 after 30th move or 10 minutes into the match. Everything was going right for Chhaju Ram Academy but then super tackle by Vinay Rajesh, Himanshu Virender derailed their plans and suddenly Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy margined ahead to a distance of no return for Chhaju Ram Academy and that was evident by the score line at the end of first half which read 33-14.

Midway in the first half of the encounter, Chhaju Ram Academy lost the plot completely as the duo of Narender Hoshiyar (12 points) and Himanshu Virender (23 points) from  Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy ruined any chances of a comeback from Chhaju Ram Academy. Sushil OM(22 points) of the Chhaju Ram Academy was fighting up the lone battle but was not getting ample support from his defense mates which let the whole team down.

The last ten minutes of the first half saw Chhaju Ram Academy getting all-out twice, which did not help their case of coming into this match to win their first match. This match proved the tag of 'Under Dogs' as nobody would have given Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy a chance as a wild card entry into the league stage and here they are undefeated after four matches and now comfortably placed at number 2 in Pool A.

Second half of the match looked like a repeat telecast of the last ten minutes of the first half as Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy continued their dominance over Chhaju Ram Academy and induced couple of all-outs again. The match was all but over for Chajju Ram Academy and their defeat was inevitable and the final score line read 71-40.

Rightfully, the best raider, DoD raider and player of the match was awarded to  Himanshu VirenderSahil Sultan(5 points) turned out to be the best defender and Vinay Rajesh(5 points) the best supporting defender from the Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy. 

It will be interesting to see how the head coach of Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy Mr. Jagbir inspires them and motivate them to keep the same energy going forward into the tournament which will only get tougher from here. Whereas, Mr. Sumer Singh, head coach of Chhaju Ram Academy has to really devise a new strategy as soon as possible to kick start their campaign and get to the winning ways soon.

Chhaju Ram Academy will be locking horns with Khokhar Academy in their next encounter tomorrow (25/07/2021) at 10:00 A.M., and Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy's next fixture is with NK Academy today (24/07/2021) at 08:00 P.M.

This is day three of the league stage and we have seen many ups and down in the tournament already, some of the favorites coming into the league are lagging behind and the under dogs are causing upsets. The tournament is heating up and it will be interesting to see who hold up the aces at the end.