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A valiant effort from Sushil Om goes in vain, as Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy pull off yet another heist !!

Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy vs Chhaju Ram Academy
Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy vs Chhaju Ram Academy (match snippets)


Chhaju Ram Academy was high on confidence having beaten Khokhar Academy in their previous encounter and that was certainly on display in this match as they were literally outplaying Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy for the most part of the first half in the match. 

The match did not start that well for Chhaju Ram Academy as they handed an early lead of four points to P and J Academy but then they marched right back by reducing the deficit and gaining a lead in a matter of few minutes handing P and J Academy their first all-out under ten minutes into the game. At no point in the game, it looked like that one team is at a clear advantage as both the team were very solid with their defenses. Chhaju Ram Academy missed a trick in the first half as they were leading 16-15 till the very last minute but the brilliance of Narender Hoshiyar once again came to the fore for P and J Academy as he induced multipoint raids and the scoreline read 22-17 at the halfway mark in their favor.

The change in strategy for P and J Academy in the second half to go for an all-out attack worked wonders as they were almost running away with the game at one point with the scoreline of 44-26 in their favor. The main wrecker in chief was again the duo of Narender Hoshiyar and Himanshu Virender as both of them picked up their individual super 10's. P and J Panipat Academy were almost certain to win at that stage with a huge lead but Sushil Om tournament's second-best raider with 81 points had other ideas as he went berserk and picked up many multi-point raids to reduce the deficit to five points with the scoreline reading 41-46.

This match had its fair share of ups and downs for both teams but an injury scare for Chhaju Ram Academy did not help their cause but they held their nerves to plan out certain strategies which worked to an extent but P and J Academy were ready for whatever was thrown at them and provided the finishing touches by slowing the game down when it was completely in their grasp, ending with a scoreline of 56-43.

Best defender, as well as player of the Match, was awarded to Neetu (6 points), whereas Sushil Om(16 points) rightfully was awarded the best raider of the match.

Chhaju Ram Academy with their coach Mr. Sumer Singh has to really work hard on their strategy if they are to make any sort of comeback, whereas P and J Academy are almost certain to qualify for the Super-six stage with this win.

Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy's next encounter is with Khokhar Academy tomorrow (26/07/2021) at 12:00 P.M., where Chhaju Ram Academy faces Bhaini School tomorrow (26/07/2021) at 10:00 A.M.


Venue: Future Fighters Kabaddi Academy, Gurugram