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TOP 5 raiders of the season | K7 Kabaddi StageUp 2021

A plethora of raiders lit up this tournament demonstrating the highest quality of skills through their offense strategies. The tournament saw multiple game-changing raids and that made those matches, a complete thriller, and multiple moments of brilliance shown by the raiders paved the way for so many comebacks and come-from-behind wins. Let's revisit a few of those through 5 of the best raiders of the tournament.

5. Vinay Virender (NK Academy).


Vinay Virender

Matches 14 | Raids 228 | Points 137 | Strike Rate 60.38%

One of the main architects behind NK Academy winning this tournament has been the strategic raids put out by Vinay Virender. He as a matter of fact was the best raider of the match in most of the encounters and if recent form is something to go by then his last 5 performances have all been Super 10's and not only that he was the best raider of the match in all five occasions and helped his team in winning the match. Though Vinay had many great moments in the tournament he went absolutely berserk into beast mode in the league match 07 against Chhaju Ram Academy where he scored 16 raid points and beat them 51-32. He formed a solid pair with Rakesh Sangroya to take NK Academy all the way.

4. Himanshu Virender (P&J Academy

Himanshu Virender

Matches 15 | Raids 261 | Points 171 | Strike Rate 62.37%

Whenever Parveen and Jasvir Academy needed some inspiration or someone to bail them out, they could not look beyond their star raider who turned multiple matches on his head, and in fact, his performance overshadowed few flaws that his team had. He carried the team all the way through to knockout stages where they pulled off a major upset against Amit Ashok Academy to reach the finals. Though he couldn't carry his form into the knockout stage his worth in his team was second to none. Despite his valiant effort, his best performance came in a losing cause where his team narrowly lost by 1 point against Bhaini School. Here he scored 26 points only to be outshined by tournament-best raider Mohit Goyat who scored 33 points.

3. Ashu Malik (Amit Ashok Academy)

Ashu Malik

 Matches 12 | Raids 268 | Points 176 | Strike Rate 64.87%

Amit Ashok Academy almost had a dream run in the tournament courtesy of their star raider Ashu Malik, who almost led the campaign to the finish line with one major hiccup at the knockouts. Besides that, Ashu has not one but three 20+ raid points to his repertoire and multiple Super 10's. In few matches and in particular one match against Narwal Sports Academy he looked like a one-man army as he single-handedly took his team over the line accumulating 24 points to his name in a game of 40-38. He is certainly one of the few raiders who will be in the radars of selectors for a bigger stage.

2. Mohit Goyat (Bhaini School)

Mohit Goyat

Matches 13 | Raids 294 | Points 179 | Strike Rate 56%

Mohit Goyat climbed his way up the conventional way of trial and error. He worked out multiple strategies during a game as he used to change his game plan according to the situation quickly. In case a game was moving very fast against his team then he used to slow things down by playing in the do-or-die raids and on the other hand when he sensed an opening he just went berserk with his quick raids. His best moment in the tournament came from the league match 20 against Parveen and Jasvir Academy where he outshined a valiant effort by Himanshu Virender and scored 35 points to win that thriller by 1 Point. He certainly carries a calm head under pressure which the selectors might give an edge over others.

1. Prateek Dahiya (DNHF)

Prateek Dahiya

Matches 13 | Raids 250 | Points 182 | Strike Rate 65.95%

Prateek Dahiya has the best strike rate or says conversion rate amongst all the raiders in the tournament, so much so that in multiple matches he has a strike rate of over 100%. Though DNHF qualified for the SUPER 6 and knockouts, they were cutting it very close and had very few players who stood out but Prateek was head and shoulders above everyone else. He in fact had many moments of brilliance on the mat to his name but if one was to be pointed out then his performance in the league match 27 against Nawal Golden Club was on another level as he scored 40 points by himself in the match and carried his team through. He will certainly be under the radar and one to look out for in the future.

The tournament certainly had other brilliant performances to look out for and you can catch all the statistics and highlights through the respective links.

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