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“Pool B starts with a Bang”As Amit Ashok Academy Produces an upset against big boys of Deepak Niwas Hooda foundation- | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021


After The final day of Pool A, where we saw NK Academy, Bhaini School, and Parveen & Jasvir Academy go through to the next stage it was time for POOL B teams to battle it out. The first match was of the Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation, the only undefeated from POOL B during the qualifiers and favorites to go through to Super 6 taking on the 2nd wildcard entrants of the tournament Amit Ashok Academy.


Prateek started the first raid of the match by doing a multi raid to open the account for DNHF. Ashu Malik scored the first points for AAA in his first raid to keep pace with Prateek as well. Prateek and Ashu were both the stars to look forward to in this match along with some rough gems in defense from both teams.


Ashu soon scored multi raid points from his favorite skill dupki and Prateek was taken out by superbly by Ankit and the first all-out was conceded by the DNHF to give a 7 point lead to AA Academy with a scoreline of 11-4 with 7 mins into the match.


Prateek Dhaiya was taken out again by Mohit as soon as the game restarted but had to walk out as he took a heavy blow from the tackle and things looked going bad to worse as they lost their starman within 9 mins in the match with no signs whether he will be back or not. On the other hand, Ashu was dictating terms of the match as another multi-point raid forced another all-out for DNHF and the lead was extended to 15 points for AAA.


Prateek came back to the court with his team looking dejected by the early lead of the opposition. But they soon found themselves in another all-out situation but Prateek Hooda took out Ashu to save his team from all-out but he could not prevent it again as they conceded their 3 rd all-out and the scoreline was AAA 30 - 9 DNHF with little under 3 mins to go in the half. but the next few mins saw both teams relax a bit as the half ended with a scoreline of 33 - 11.


2nd Half started with ravish being tackle out by Prateek Hooda as they hoped to make a comeback with Bharat scoring a super raid for DNHF as they cut the deficit down and looking to force an all-out but super tackle by captain Ashu on Bharat saw the avoid the all-out and quickly scoring on his another raid to revive his teammates.

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AAA looked like they came out with a plan to manage the game from here on now as they have a lead of 24 points with DNHF coach Dinesh Kumar took a time out as he yet again saw his team struggling out there. Ashu was having a great game as was scoring points on a regular interval Bharat and Prateek seem to be trying their heart out but the AAA defense was not let the concentration drop as they both were being restricted superbly.


Deepak soon took out Tarun from DNHF and yet another all-out was conceded with the lead looking like a mountain to climb with under 7 mins to go and a lead of 28 points to catch up to. The defense quartet of Ankit, Mohit, Akshay, Ronak were having a superb match as they all had scored 4 tackle points with 4 mins go showing their dominance when it comes to tackling and another all-out washed all their hopes down the drain as the final scoreline read AAA 63 - 26 DNHF.With the star of the match being the Ronak who scored 7 tackle points for AAA academy and shut down the raiders of DNHF foundation easily. 


The wildcards AAA showed that they have come here with a plan as their revitalized squad dominated The Big boys of DNHF. For DNHF they were bough down to the ground after their high flying K7 qualifiers and would look to get back on track later in the evening with a game against Narwal Kabbadi & Sports Academy.


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