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A seesaw thriller between Amit Ashok Academy and Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation ends in a tie | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Amit Ashok Academy vs Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation
Amit Ashok Academy vs Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation (match snippets)


Amit Ashok Academy came into this match high on confidence after winning two out of two matches in the SUPER 6 stage and Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation came on the back of a loss against NK Academy but with many positives from the last encounter. AAA was termed as favorites even before the match started seeing their record again DNHF in the league stage because AAA had bossed DNHF in both the encounters and was expected to make it a 3-0.

To everyone's surprise, DNHF came into this match all guns blazing as they took an early lead to catch AAA off-guard as the scoreline read 7-3 in their favor at the halfway stage in the first half. But that was all the moment of glory that they had in that half because after that it was just an Ashu Malik show where he just bulldozed DNHF away and caught the defense of DNHF taking a nap as the first half ended with a scoreline of 18-13 in AAA's favor.

The second half was no different as AAA's defense and offense were on point and DNHF were found to play a catch-up game throughout and in the process the match was fast slipping away from their hands. The scoreline was 33-20 at one point in favor of AAA but as the saying goes "It is not over until it is over" and that goes so well with the kind of turnaround DNHF showed and from the point of defense being the culprit the defenders brought them back into the game lead by an all-round performance by Prateek Dahiya

In a complete turnaround of events led by Bharat Naresh who raided with perfection in the last 5 minutes of the game where he scored points in 10 consecutive raids including a super raid to tie the game 37-37, DNHF proved everyone wrong and picked up their first point in the SUPER 6 stage. There could not have been a better start to day 3 than this, a complete thriller ending on a tie. This match has nicely spiced up the SUPER 6 and the race to TOP 4 becomes more interesting. 

Bharat(19 points) was rightly awarded the best raider, Whereas, Akshay Kumar was awarded the best defender of the match with 4 tackle points.

AAA clashes next with Bhaini School on Thursday (05/08/2021) at 06:00 P.M., whereas DNHF's next match is with Narwal Sports Academy today (04/08/2021) at 06:00 P.M.

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Venue: Future Fighters Kabaddi Academy, Gurugram.