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Heavyweights collide in a thriller of an encounter where Amit Ashok Academy prevails | K7 Kabaddi StageUp 2021

Parveen and Jasvir Academy vs Amit Ashok Academy
Parveen and Jasvir Academy vs Amit Ashok Academy (match snippets)

This match was touted as a complete thriller as both the teams at the league stage proved to be well-rounded teams with both their offense and defense play on the mark and this match lived up to the expectations set. As both the teams played a seesaw encounter in which no one was ready to give an inch and pull back immediately if one tries to build a lead, so much that match was tied at 24-24 with few minutes left in the match.

While the raiders of both teams looked like following a pre-planned strategy to take calculative risks, the encounter was actually between the defenses of both teams to test who will break first. Amit Ashok Academy was coming into the game with two of the best defenders Mohit Rajesh and Akshay Kumar ranked 1st and 3rd respectively in the tournament whereas Parveen and Jasvir Academy came with an all-rounded defense in both corners.

The first half of the match started with P&J Academy taking an early lead and were 6-1 at one stage but AAA came right back to nullify the deficit and build a lead of their own by forcing an all-out and going to 12-8 in their favor. This cat and mouse game continued as none of them were giving a sigh but ultimately from 15-15 at a stage where P&J Academy tried to run away with the game as the first half ended at 21-17 in their favor.

As the second half progressed it looked like P&J academy will continue with the momentum that they gained in the final few minutes of the first half which they tried by holding onto the lead. But the turning point of the match was provided by Vishal Chahal of AAA as he made a game-changing super raid of four points which not only cleared the deficit but also turned the points table in AAA's favor. Thought the match was far from over but AAA managed to hold on to the lead till the end and won by a margin of mere 3 points as the scoreline reads 36-33.

The best raider and player of the match was rightfully awarded to Vishal(11 points) for his match-winning performance, whereas Mohit Rajesh(07 points) was awarded the best defender.

AAA would like to continue their winning momentum against Narwal Kabaddi & Sports Academy tomorrow (03/08/2021) at 12:00 P.M., whereas P&J Academy will take the positives from this match and try to win the next encounter against Bhaini School tomorrow (03/08/2021) at 06:00 P.M.

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Venue: Future Fighters Kabaddi Academy, Gurugram.