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Amit Ashok Academy continue their winning run as Narwal Golden Club defense disappoints again | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Ashu in action


The first game on day 3 of Pool B saw the high-flying Amit Ashok Academy, favorites to book their place in super 6, take on the Narwal Golden Club, with a dismal run of three games played and 3 losses so far and languishing in the bottom of the table.   

AAA Academy started with their usual 7 of two raiders and 5 defenders, NGC started with two raiders, four defenders, and one all-rounder. It was going to be an interesting battle between Himanshu who was leading the raid points chart in pool B vs Ashu Malik who was 3rd in the raid chart.
Ashu started the proceeding by taking a touch and bonus point whereas Himanshu replying back immediately with a touchpoint of his own.Ashu started better of the two raiders as he scored 4 points quickly to build a 4 point lead. Subsequently, Himanshu was taken out by Deepak. Soon the first opportunity for all-out arises but Ashu was taken out by a super tackle. But Ankit got another raid point as he took out Bhart Roy, Rakesh Subhash and forced them to an all-out. With AAA leading by 8 points with 7 mins in the game.

Himanshu was finally back on the court and quickly scored back-to-back points to show some signs of a comeback for his team. He soon scored a super raid with just Ashu and Mohit left on the court. The lead was reduced to just 2 points. Himanshu soon got Deepak out with Ashu left to save his team from an all-out. He scored a multi-point to save his team. But Himanshu soon got the last 2 players out to force AAA's first all-out to cut the deficit to just one point with a scoreline of NGC 18-19 AAA.

As soon as AAA full team was back on the court they took their lead back as Ankit scored a multi-point raid followed by super raid Ashu and took 4 players out force a quick all-out situation. Himanshu was tackled out by Ankit's double thigh hold and yet another all-out was conceded to hand a 9 point lead to AAA.

Himanshu was doing all he could but was not getting the required support from his defense as the half ended with NGC 30- 34 AAA. Both Himanshu and Ashu scored the major chunk of the point for their teams with 20 - 18 raid points respectively.

2nd Half resumed with Himanshu raiding against 3 but he was taken down by a superbly executed super tackle. Ashu quickly scored a raid point of his own and extending the lead by 7 points. Himanshu was soon revived by his teammates as he took points to force an all-out. But he was super tackled out by Ashu as he was taken out of the mat again to the relief of the AAA defenders. Ashu was leading from the front as he scored some crucial tackle points as well.




But Ashu who went for a D.O.D raid in the 26th min was tackle out and Sansar followed by a multi-point raid which forced an all-out for AAA. The lead was now reduced to just 3 points with under 13 mins left. Both team defenses were a bit more alert as they reduced their silly errors in the 2nd half with both teams being too cautious to give away points.

With just under 4 mins left something needed to be changed. Rakesh took out Ashu with a nice touchpoint but he was super tackled out, with 2 mins left Himanshu tried for an all-out but he was taken down by a combined defense as the game resumed with a 5 point difference. AAA slowed the game down as Ashu smartly sneaked a multi-point raid in the closing stages to inflict a last all-out and the final score AAA 65 - 50 NGC.

It was a similar story for NGC as their defense once again disappointed as they failed once again. AAA fantastic start continues as they are yet to lose a single game and sitting comfortably at the top.

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