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Parveen and Jasvir Academy are the new table toppers in Pool A with one match remaining !

Praveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy vs Khokhar Academy
Parveen and Jasveer Academy vs Khokhar Academy (match snippets)


This match was a repetition of sorts for both the teams and the outcome was no different as well. P and J Academy won the match convincingly against Khokar Academy by 16 points and are now the new table-toppers with just one match to go.

Himanshu Virender the new lead raider of the league(91 points), cornered Khokhar Academy in the first few minutes of the match by inducing multi raid points, giving his team a 9-0 lead. 

Interestingly P and J Academy decided to rest their other star raider Narender Hoshiyar to try out their bench, this not only proved to be a masterstroke but also gave them a star player in the form of Ronak Arya(13 points) who in fact had the most points in the game.

Khokhar Academy from the start of the match was just playing a catch-up game as their counterparts maintained a healthy lead throughout and that was quite evident at the halfway mark with the scoreline reading 29-18.

Priyank and Mohit Thakran of Khokhar Academy tried their heart out in the second half ably supported by their defense to bring the deficit by making strategic raids mostly in do or die situations, they were banking on P and J Academy to make an error and then make inroads at the right time. Their strategy worked to an extent as they brought down the deficit to 6 at one point.

At the later stage of the second half when it looked like Khokhar Academy can make a comeback, the duo of Himanshu and Ronak just watered that down by swift raids and their teammates ensured that they tighten their defenses to not let any further hiccups as they went from the scoreline reading 37-31 to 54-38 at the end.

Ronak Arya was rightfully awarded the best player, best DoD raider, and the best Raider of the match. Whereas, Ashish Jagat(10 points) was named the best defender of the match.

Being the last day of Pool A matches and the top three spots already sealed, it will be interesting to see how teams play the rest of their remaining matches. Will they test their bench strength or try to seal the top spot to strategically face the third-ranked team from Pool B in the Super-six stage. 

The league stage culminates here for Khokhar Academy but they have to keep their heads high and focus on the positives that they gained and work few of the flaws for the next season. Whereas, P and J Academy will face Bhaini School today (26/07/2021) at 08:00 P.M., to see who finishes at the top of the table in Pool A.

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Venue: Future Fighters Kabaddi Academy , Gurugram.