Kabaddi Adda

A seesaw of an encounter between Chhaju Ram Academy and Khokhar Academy was perfect culmination of Day 01 of the K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021!

Mandeep of Khokhar Kabaddi Academy in action.
Mandeep of Khokhar Academy in action.

After a David vs Goliath scenario in Match 03 between Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy  and Bhaini School ,  we had yet another thrilling encounter between Chhaju Ram Academy and Khokhar Academy as Match 04  of K7 Kabaddi StageUp 2021, which was a seesaw throughout till the very last second of the match culminating in a tie. 

Chhaju Ram Academy came to the match to prove a point and shrug of the humiliation they faced in the tournament opener against Bhaini School and they were successful in doing that to an extent through the intent that they showed in this match against Khokhar Academy by dominating them in the first half of the match.

In the first half of the encounter, Chhaju Ram Academy were really tight on their defense and impeccable with their offense led ably by their star raider Sushil OM  and the score line reading 22-14 in favor of Chhaju Ram Academy. Khokhar Academy went for an all-out offense in the second half while strengthening their defense to an extent which led to few errors from Chhaju Ram Academy giving some valuable points to narrow down the margin of points.

The last raid by Mandeep turned out to be decisive and the most important moment in the game for Khokhar Academy, as that 4 point raid reduced the margin from 31-35 to 35-35 and that was enough to tie the game. This match was the best example of why greats of the game say that " Defense is the best form of offense" , as  Khokhar Academy induced three back to back super tackles in the last few minutes of the match to reduce the deficit substantially. 

Rightfully, the best raider, best DoD raider and player of the match was awarded to Sushil OM(18 points), Ashish Kumar of the  Khokhar Academy turned out to be the best defender with 4 points and not to forget Darpan's heroics for the Chhaju Ram Academy at the crucial juncture where he tackled to revive the star raider of his team  Sushil OM which made him the best-supporting Defender. 

Though Chhaju Ram Academy has burned their blemishes from the first match but have to really work out few strategies as soon as possible  and start winning to stay alive in the tournament. Khokhar Academy, on the other hand has to continue the momentum that they have gained in the second half of this match. Whereas, Chhaju Ram Academy has to be wary of giving away silly points and losing the grasp of the match which was firmly in their control.

It will be interesting to see how the head coach of Chhaju Ram Academy Mr. Sumer Singh inspires them and formulates a winning strategy going forward into the tournament which will only get tougher from here. Meanwhile, Mr. Sunil Kumar, head coach of Khokhar Academy has to keep the boys grounded and continue the momentum which which they gained in the second half.

Khokhar Academy will be locking horns with Bhaini School in their next encounter tomorrow (23/07/2021) at 12:00 P.M., and Chhaju Ram Kabaddi Academy's next fixture is with NK Academy tomorrow (23/07/2021) at 06:00 P.M.

This is just the day one of the league stage and we can already see many upcoming superstars of the game, this is the quality that the stage of K7 has built up and it holds true to its tagline of Stage Up where these budding players are fighting it out to make a name.


Match Results Day 01: 

Match 01: Bhaini School won the match vs Chhaju Ram Academy (61-24)

Match 02: NK Academy won the match vs Khokhar Academy (38-24)

Match 03: Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy won the match vs Bhaini School (47-43) 

Match 04: Khokhar Academy vs Chhaju Ram Academy ended in a tie (35-35)