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“We are here to stay” Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy- the dark horses lit up the stage once more | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Final Score Card


After the highly charged first-day encounter yesterday. Where both the teams performed exceptionally well. NK Acadamy came back to win their game whereas Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Academy started their campaign by pulling off an upset against the big boys Bainin school, who demolished the other team in their opening game. The first game for day 2 was expected to be the match of the day for every Kabbadi fan out there.


Vinay from NK academy who was the star of the match during yesterday's game scored the first points of this game as well by 2 touchpoints right of his first raid. But Praveen and Jasvir were quick to respond to this, with Narender Hoshiyar scoring one point of his raid who was expected to be their star raider. Vinay continued the show by scoring points for his next two raids along with Umesh and Rakesh backing him up well. This forced Praveen and Jasvir to concede the first all-out of the game which gave NK academy the lead.


Vinay was going all out, soon a lead of 10 points was created by NK academy. Praveen and Jasvir Academy were about to concede another all out and that's when Ashu Rothas produced a super tackle followed by a multi-point raid during his raid to show some fightback for his team and the first half ended with Praveen and Jasvir Academy trailing by 8 points.


2 half


The second half began with 2 men on the court for NK Academy and Praveen and Jasvir Academy smelled an all-out of their own with Mohit Jaipal leading and scoring points of the raid which forced the first all-out for NK academy. The lead for NK Academy was cut down to four points Praveen and Jasvir looked like pulling off another upset.


The Match of patience started for both the teams as no one wanted to give the other any sniff to shift the momentum on their side. But soon Mainsh from NK academy who was leading their defensive unit got injured during a successful tackle, this prompted Vijay and Rakesh to regroup and lead the team during the next half of the second half.


Himanshu from Praveen and Jasvir was having an excellent 2nd half as he scored continuous points for his team to push the game to the wire with lead cut down to just 2 points with 5 mins to go.

Vinay scored a triple point under pressure to stop the game from being deadlock but could not save his team the second time and finally an all-out was conceded and the game was tied at 43 - 43 with just under 4 mins to go.


The game of nerves began for both the teams and Rakesh thought he sealed the game when he did a multi raid with a minute to go but just when the buzzer was about to be pulled up during the last raid of the game a super tackle was pulled off by Vinay Rajesh from Praveen and Jasvir and the match ended in tie 48-48 which in the end was a fair reflection to the game.


Missed Tackle


The star of the match for this game proved to be NK academy’s Rakesh who outscored his teammate Vinay by scoring 17 points. Whereas Himanshu Virender who had an excellent 2n half was the star for Praveen and Jasvir by scoring 15 points to keep them undefeated so far.


Praveen and Jasvir are just proving to be the dark horse for this league as they produced another great performance against a strong team and will look to continue this against Khokhar Academy later in the evening. For NK academy they would like to undo some of the lapses in concentration which was proved to be the cause of missing out on another win.