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Rich in money, Poor in squad - Tamil Thalivas squad for PKL 8

Tamil Thalaivas, the team came with highest amount of money in purse and ended up with weak squad. Their defense is completely depend on Surjeet Singh and raiding is depend on K. Prapanjan and Manjeet. They lack a good combination and will struggle in the PKL 8 season

Tamil Thalaivas, who had the highest amount in purse before auction ended up with a weak squad post auction. Tamil Thalaivas surprised everyone before PKL 8 auction itself by not retaining any players. All they had was 3 NYP players: Sagar, Abhishek, Himanshu. Every kabaddi fans were waiting for the strategy which Tamil Thalaivas gonna pull during auction, but unfortunately they spent more money on few players and couldn't build a strong team.

Tamil Thalaivas PKL 8 Squad

Let's take a look in detail:

Pre - Auction

Tamil Thalaivas, the team from south which yet to taste any victory in PKL, released their top players from last season ahead of PKL 8 Auction, including Rahul Choudhary, Manjeet Chillar, Ajay Takur, V Ajith Kumar. All the Tamil Thalivas fans were asking the same question that what is their plan? We at Kabaddi Adda also had the same question. They had only 3 NYP players in squad and have to go for a full purchase during auction. Since they didn't retain anyone, they had the highest amount of money in purse ahead auction.

During Auction

During the 3 days of auction, Tamil Thalaivas was one of the team on which every one was looking at, the main reason was, they had the most money than any other team, so they can kill any other team's dreams with the money they have. But, to everyone's surprise, they didn't go for many players. The players whom they bought was at higher price. Even there were times we could witness unsold players were brought back because Tamil Thalaivas didn't even had the minimum squad strength.

Tamil Thalaivas PKL 8 Squad

As I mentioned before the squad they have for this season doesn't look great to us. In defense, they have P.O Surjeet Singh who is one of the great defenders in PKL history. Along with him, they have Sagar and Santhapanaselvam who are good, but we saw may errors from them in previous games. So their defense is entirely depend on P.O Surjeet Singh. In terms of attack, they have K Prapanjan and Manjeet, who are decent raiders but still lack a great combination and support. So overall, Tamil Thalaivas had to spent a lot of money to buy few players and they still don't have a great team ahead of PKL this season. We still have to wait for the NYPs who Tamil Thalaivas signed outside the auction. May be they have some hidden gems in their pocket which yet to reveal. 

Based on various parameters, our rating to their squad is, for defense: 2.5/5, for attack: 2.5/5, overall 5/10. 

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