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Top 3 teams in PKL 10 Who can buy Pawan Sehrawat

The Mordern day complete Kabaddi player Pawan Sehrawat has been climbing up the ladder in his quest to become the Best ever in the Business.

We have seen very few players like him and it goes without saying, Sehrawat has been the Poster Boy of Indian Kabaddi for a long time now. When he became the most expensive signing ever in Pro Kabaddi League, it became clear that he has a key role to play for Tamil Thalaivas.


The South Indian outfit won the Tug of war and locked in for 2.26 Crore. What happened next was a series of events that took everyone by surprise – the management, the fans, the broadcasters, and even Pawan Sehrawat himself could not have anticipated what unfolded.

In Tamil Thalaivas' very first match, Sehrawat twisted his knee and blew his ACL then and there. He had to be stretched off the mat as Tamil Thalaivas went on to draw 31-31 against Gujarat Giants. 


Later on, Thalaivas did suffer but found a way to retaliate just in time to make their first ever Pro Kabaddi League knock-outs appearance. Maybe that is one of the reasons why Pawan Sehrawat was released as it is clear that the Tamilians can do well without the 27-year-old. 

Pawan's presence in the player pool means every team at the Auction table will be on high alert and there could be a fierce bidding on display for Sehrawat's signing. It must be noted that despite the price, Tamil Thalaivas can use their (FBM) Final Bid match card and bring him back with a snap. 

But here are 3 teams that can buy Pawan Sehrawat before Thalaivas use their FBM card. 

1. Bengal Warriors - Having the highest purse among all teams ahead of PKL 10 auction, Season 7 champions Bengal Warriors have more than INR 3.5 Crores to spend on buying players. The Warriors have off-loaded some big names like Maninder Singh, Deepak Hooda, Shrikant Jadhav and Shubham Shinde. 

They have kept no one in the Elite Players list but have retained 4 players - Vaibhav Garje (DEF), R Guhan (RAID), Parshant Kumar (RAID) and Suyog Gaikar (DEF) in Existing young playes list. With Maninder Singh having the prospects of returning through Bengal's FBM card, they can still explore the option of buying Pawan Sehrawat because of a Superior purse. 

2. Telegu Titans - The Telugu Titans have historically performed their best in seasons where they possess a dominant raider, along with a couple of capable supporting raiders and a strong defensive unit. 

Despite having Siddharth Desai, Monu Goyat and Abhishek Singh on their roster last season, the team's raiding performance fell short of expectations. The absence of a consistent lead raider, like Rahul Chaudhari in the past, was palpable.

Heading into the upcoming auction, the Titans are left with only Rajnish as a recognized raider in their retained players. With Parvesh Bhainswal being their sole Elite retention, the team possesses the financial means to pursue Pawan Sehrawat. It's plausible that Sehrawat might not command an exorbitant price, making him an attainable target.

In the anticipated bidding competition for Pawan Sehrawat, the Telugu Titans should consider positioning themselves as frontrunners, given the potential significance he could bring to the team as a Hi-Flyer raider.

3. Tamil Thalaivas - As it was not expected, the Thalaivas opted to release Pawan Sehrawat before the auction, yet they retain a strong chance of acquiring him owing to their First Buy Match (FBM) card advantage. While they could manage their roster effectively without Pawan, they have the opportunity to secure another raider to complement Narender Hoshiyar, who emerged as a notable discovery last season.

Nonetheless, should other teams display a measure of caution towards pursuing the Hi-Flyer due to his recent injury hiatus, the Thalaivas would welcome the prospect of enlisting a raider of his exceptional caliber to collaborate with Narender.