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“Narwal Kabaddi & Sports Academy seal their spot in SUPER 6” as they beat Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy by 6 points | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Defense on top of their game

Last day of Pool B, with places in SUPER 6 still up for grabs for both Warriors Arena Academy & Narwal Kabaddi & Sports Academy.It was going to be a mouthwatering tie for neutrals to watch.
Amit Ashok Academy's win earlier and booked their place in SUPER 6 with a top spot finish. A win here for either side will do the same for them.

NKSA started with three defenders, three raiders, and one all-rounder in their starting 7. WAA decided to go with three defenders, two all-rounders, and two raiders. NKSA won the toss and chose the courtside with WAA raiding out first.

Karambir started with a multi-point raid, a solid touchpoint combined with a bonus point. Nitin Kumar started with an empty raid. WAA was the first side to take the lead in the match. Manjeet went in next as he got out to give a 5-nil lead to WAA. With just two players left, Karambir went in for a quick raid to leave Manish Gulia alone.

But Manish scored his first point as he saved an all-out. The scoreline at this point was NKSA 3-9 WAA. Soon Randeep had to leave as Pawan got a touch of him which finally inflicted the all-out. Manjeet was back in the court for NKSA as he took continuous points to get some momentum for his team.

NKSA was able to score 8 points with the help of Manjeet as he cut down the lead to 6 points at the midpoint of the first half. Pawan went for his D.O.D raid. But he was gifted a point by Randeep as his failed ankle hold gave the point away to WAA. WAA took a time out with 6 mins left in the half as they lead by 5 points.  

Manjeet was the first to raid after the restart. But he was taken down by Sahil, Karmabir followed it with a touchpoint. Manish Gullia scored a quick multi-point raid to stop their momentum. Nitin Kumar then scored a multi-point of his own as Sahil was left all alone from WAA. As WAA finally gave away their first all-out. NKSA's comeback was complete as they lead by a single point. Monu took Aakash out next but, Karmabir ended the half with a multi-point raid as the half ended with NKSA 21-20 WAA.




Manish Gullia started with an empty raid. But he was pursued out by Sahil as he was taken back by a surprise attack. Manjeet NKSA's lead raider was dashed out next as WAA took back the lead by a single point. Anish went in to raid to force an all-out but he too was dashed out, as NKSA took a 2 point lead. 

The match saw both teams fighting hard and not let the other team take a significant lead. Aakash from WAA was taken out by Mohit Narwal with NKSA taking a 3 point lead for the first time in the 2nd half. 

With the point difference still small, both teams were playing the waiting game in D.O.D raids. As both Nitin and Anish failed in their D.O.D raids as both team's defense was on high alert. Pawan Also went for his D.O.D raid as he was tired out by NKSA's Defense and then taken down. Nitin again went for D.O.D raid but this time scored multi-points to finally give his team a 6 point lead in the match. WAA with only two players left on the mat.

Manjeet went for an all-out raid. But he got his ankle twisted, as the match had to be stopped much to the relief of the WAA player. The match tide got finally turned, with WAA being all out for the 2nd time in the match saw NKSA leading by 9 points with 3 mins left. NKSA was able to hold out to win by 6 points WAA 32-38 NKSA.

With this win, NKSA seals their spot in the SUPER 6. For WAA they will have to win their last match against table topper AAA and hope DNHF losses their game as well, to book their place in the SUPER 6. The final game day heats up as the race for SUPER 6 spot will go down to the wire.

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