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“The kings on their way to get their throne” as NK Academy hammers Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation to win by 21 points | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

defense in action


After a thrilling SUPER 6 stage that went right down to the wire, we finally had our best TOP 4 teams that would battle it out for the coveted trophy of K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021. The first semi-final will take place between the Title favorites NK Academy, who so far had dominated and lost just two games VS The slow starter's Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation, who somehow managed through in the pool stages as well in the SUPER 6.


The players to look out for the NK Academy will be Vinay Virender, who has been in the top 5 in the raiding chart with Umesh had stepped up since the Rakesh tournament ending injury, Krishan who has been the leading defender in terms of tackle points. 

For DNHF, the players to look out for are Parteek Dahiya, 2nd in the raid points chart of the league, the SUPER 6 surprise package of tall and lanky raider Bharat Naresh, who was like a monster while raiding during the SUPER 6 stage. 


DNHF started with five defenders and two raiders in their starting 7. NKA decided to go with Four defenders, two raiders, and two all-rounders. DNHF won the toss and chose the court, with NKA raiding out first.

Umesh came out first as he moved swiftly from left to right but went back with an empty raid. Parteek Dhaiya came in but slowly and calmly went back as he failed to open his team account. Vinay came in next scored a point with a quick hand touch. Vinay again scored with beautiful dubki as he got Ankit out. Parteek saw his counterpart scoring two quick points felt under the pressure as he came too deep and got nabbed up by the defense. Sagar finally opened the scoring for DNHF, but Vinay scored again as DNHF got reduced to just two players. Sagar got caught next as DNHF were all-out first, NK led by 7 points in the game with 7 mins played.


Prateek looked like scoring his first point of the game but Krishan holds him up as he was about to cross the line. He got pinned down immediately as he had to walk out of the mat again. Prateek Dhaiya and Krishan were having a go at each other as Prateek tried hard to get him out but went straight into the lobby as NK lead by 11 points as DNHF took the game's first time out. 


DNHF tried to slow down the pace as Sagar went in next and scored a point as Umesh got out as his momentum took him into the lobby. Prateek Dhaiya had no joy whatsoever, as he teased Vijay but got hold of the ankle and got pinned down by the rest.Vinay went for his D.O.D raid and used his raid time to perfection as he scored a running hand touch to release the pressure. DNHF sent in Vijay to save the all-out and went for the D.O.D raid. The half ended with NK leading by 9 points and DNHF having just three players on the court.


Prateek Dhaiya started the 2nd half safe with an empty raid but Vinay scored a quick touchpoint with an all-out on the cards Prateek Dhaiya got pinned down again. DNHF conceded another all-out, with NKA lead now extended to 12 points.

Vinay in action

The last DNHF defenders were feeling the pressure as they gave away an easy point again to Vinay's in his D.O.D raid. Vijay got injured as he tried to turn too much. Umesh tried to wriggle out of the center but was stopped by Ankit, Mohit Kuldeep has they scored a super tackle. But could not save themselves against Vinay as the game's 3rd all-out got conceded. NKA lead by 20 points as a comeback looked out of cards as Prateek Dhaiya had a game to forget as NKA defense was all over him.


The last 4 mins saw NKA playing it smart and running the game down, DNHF looked like they give up this game, as they wanted to avoid another injury with a 3rd place playoff still left to play. The game ended with NKA winning it effortlessly at the end, and putting their hand near the title of K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021. DNHF 22 - 43 NKA.  


NKA was in no mood to stop now as they had their eyes for the title already with a statement win out here. No matter who comes in from the next semi-final NKA will be the title favorites.  DNHF was unlucky from the start as Bharat got injured before the game and  Vijay getting during the game, became a task too much for Prateek to do on his own. They would look to regroup and push one last time in their 3rd place game now.